Peyton – 7 months

I’m typing this as we drive through PA on our way home after spending a week with our families in Indiana. (I’ll clarify that Forest is driving and I’m hanging out in the back seat with Peyton). This past month went by so quickly! Didn’t she just turn 6 months yesterday?? This has been such a roller coaster month – with both really good and less-than-good things. Keep reading to find out more!

Peyton-7 months (3)

Peyton-7 months (6)

Peyton-7 months (7)

Peyton-7 months (1)

Peyton-7 months (2)

-sitting up
-baby cereal
-toys & books
-chewing on her fingers
-Indie’s ears
-Sven and Lambie, they were in her Christmas stocking
-kisses on her cheeks/neck and belly, especially the loud ones!

-laying down (for diaper changes, etc)
-having her nose cleaned

-several firsts: first time sitting by herself, first nights she put herself to sleep for bedtime, first Christmas!! including all the fun stuff leading up to Christmas day, first (and second) non-routine Dr visits, first time she rolled over, first road trip, first night in a hotel
-she started sitting up on her own the day after she turned 6 months- you can read about Peyton sitting up in THIS post.
-you can check out THIS post about all the fun Christmas things we did during the month (putting up and decorating the tree, making Christmas cookies, and meeting Santa).
-as much as I want to forget and never experience the feeling of my heart sinking as far as it did when Peyton’s daycare called me on a Friday afternoon, I have to put it in this monthly post for memories sake. I got a call (Friday Dec 18) from a number I didn’t recognize but these days I answer my phone no matter what just in case it’s something about Peyton. It was the daycare saying baby girl was sleeping right now but had a fever of 101° and had to be picked up. I wrapped up what I was doing and headed over there. I called the Dr on our way home and they said they had an appt available soon so we stopped by home so I could give her some Tylenol and we went to the Dr. She said it looked like the start of an ear infection and gave us a prescription for antibiotic. Which concludes Peyton’s FIRST non-routine appointment. Peyton’s fever broke for good by the next evening but we did a whole lot of cuddling while she wasn’t feeling well.
-Peyton’s SECOND non-routine appointment was just a few days later. On Tuesday Dec 22 I picked Peyton up from daycare and she was wheezing with every breath she took. The next morning she had really shallow breathing and was still wheezing but it didn’t seem to phase her, she was still babbling and playing. I called the Dr as soon as the office opened at 7:00 and they could get her in at 9:00. I headed into work and Forest took her to the Dr appointment. The dr said it was bronchitis and gave her a prescription for a breathing treatment to do 3 times that day and follow up with an appointment the next morning just to make sure she sounded better. By that evening she was sounding MUCH better and better still in the morning when the dr said to continue her treatments and slowly wean her off over the next week.
-Peyton’s first Christmas was this month! We couldn’t go to Christmas Eve service because Peyton was sick so we watched online. She opened a Christmas Eve gift from Grampa & Gramma S and our tradition is a family Eve gift (game/movie/snack) and The Polar Express. We opened all of our gifts early on Christmas morning and then facetimed with our families later. We spent most of the day packing for our trip back to Indiana but Peyton seemed to like her few new toys! I’ll write more about our Christmas and share pictures soon!
-Peyton’s gift to us on Christmas Day was rolling over for the first & second time! the first time she was laying on the bed with Forest and Indie and she flipped from stomach to back. And later in the afternoon we were playing with her toys on the floor when she rolled the same way, stomach to back!
-She was a rock-star on our road-trip to Indiana. We split the 12 hour drive into 2 days (hello first night staying in a hotel!!) and she did great! Not that we doubted she would. She slept and played with toys we gave her plus we made several stops for nursing and stretching. She loved.loved.loved. look out the windows during our stops.
-Peyton met so many new people at the end of this month! Mostly relatives but close family friends and most of our college friends too. She did GREAT when the number of people she met was small. But we had several days of large groups wanting to meet her and she got a little overwhelmed. I won’t lie that it broke my heart to hear her crying while someone else was holding her (even though I was standing right there) but I also won’t lie that I loved it when she stopped crying when she was back in my arms. Daddy’s arms worked too. :)
-She has ticklish feet, she puts weight on her legs but can’t balance on her own yet, her giggles when daddy kisses her neck are infectious, she looks so precious when she cuddles her lovey at night, she likes to pull on Indie’s ears and fur (even though we tell her no…), she’s using her finger and thumb to touch and feel/pull things, she’ll be starting on more solids soon since she’s eating cereal so well, and she’s teething so we think more pearly whites will be popping up soon (at least we hope so, so we can all be a little less cranky).
-This month has been full of memories – I can’t keep track of them all! Peyton has been so fun at this age where she continues to observe everything and everyone around her, she babbles constantly and loves when we read and sing to her, she’s been battling this cold/ear infection/bronchitis like a champ, she still only has little wisps of hair but it suits her, her grin is her best feature, her laugh is contagious, she is the apple of our eyes and we are so blessed to be her mommy & daddy.

We love you so much, baby girl! I can’t wait to see what new adventures the next month brings your way!

Until next time — Cindy


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