Thoughts on Thursday – 1.28.2016

Hello!  and happy Thursday!

I’ve been curling my hair with my straightener more often.  I used to be intimidated but it’s so easy after a few days of practicing and I like the softer waves that I get rather than ringlets when I use a curling iron.  I found this cute no-heat curl tutorial that I think I’ll try soon!

Peyton Manning is headed to the Superbowl!  We watched the Broncos vs Patriots game on Sunday and we’re so glad that Manning and the Broncos were victorious!

I watched the movie Marley and Me Sunday night and cried my eyes out.  Forest gave me fair warning that it’s a sad movie but I was already in for the long haul.  I was curled up on the couch snuggling Indie the entire time.  I definitely had to apologize for my tears splashing on her more than once.

Is it ok that I’m already thinking about Valentine’s Day?  Mostly because I want to get doughnuts for breakfast like we did last year!  It’s just over 2 weeks away but I want to do a cute little craft like I did a few years ago.  Is it silly to give gifts to an 8 month old?  I’m voting absolutely not!

I have my first photo session of the year scheduled for Saturday morning (a newborn + sibling session) so my mind is consumed with all things photo right now – putting together a checklist of props to take, a checklist/workflow of what pictures I want to capture, making sure I have spare memory cards and (charged) batteries.  Whew!  But also, I’m so excited!!

Peyton was asleep when I visited at lunch yesterday so I hopped over to a shoe store.  I was on the hunt for 1 pair of shoes (to replace some that Indie chewed up a few months ago) and left with 3 pairs!

Rugs.  A couple months ago Indie must have decided she didn’t like the area rug in the living room anymore because she ate a huge hole in it.  And because of it’s size we couldn’t hide the hole under furniture so I just threw it away.  But now that winter has definitely arrived and the floors are cold, I’m on the hunt for a new rug!  I found a few online (this one, this one, this one and this one) but buying something this expensive online makes me nervous – It looks soft in the pictures but is it really soft?  And what size do we actually want?  This isn’t something we can easily return.  Has anyone had any luck buying area rugs online??

Until next time — Cindy


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