Peyton – 8 months

Eight.  Eight months old.  I can’t believe we welcomed Peyton into this world EIGHT months ago.  Wow.  She’s constantly on the go (not literally), this little one, and we couldn’t be more in love!

Peyton - 8 months

Peyton - 8 months

Peyton - 8 months

Peyton - 8 months

^maybe yoga is in her future!

Peyton - 8 months


  • Yelling, just to make noise!
  • baby food
  • being kissed & tickled
  • talking
  • pulling mommy’s hair
  • dadadadada
  • observing everyone/everything
  • Pushing her toys off the high chair tray



  • laying down for diaper & outfit changes



  • At the beginning of the month she started doing a fake cough.  I don’t know if it was because she heard Forest coughing so she mimicked him or if she was just testing out new noises but it was the cutest!
  • She started eating baby food for dinner on 1/4/16.  And we’ve been trying different fruits and a few veggies.  So far she’s tried and enjoyed: banana, pears, sweet potatoes (she wasn’t a fan at first but has been eating them fine since the first taste), carrots, butternut squash, banana orange, and apple pear squash.
  • I feel like she was teething the whole month but she doesn’t have any new teeth!  The doctor said the two front top teeth should be coming in soon but I don’t believe her…
  • Her favorite person is dada.  Or at least that’s the name she says the most.  She finally decided to mama a couple days ago and my heart just melted!  She’s funny though and only says it if I’m not paying attention to her at that moment.
  • She’s recently gotten stingy with her laughs.  We can really make her crack up if we kiss under her arms though!
  • She loves! pulling my hair.  I can see her eyes lock on and I try my best to move my hair but she has quick reflexes!
  • Peyton is constantly blowing raspberries.  Constantly.  It’s the cutest thing and if you’re holding her while she does it you probably need an outfit change because spit and slobber goes everywhere!  She also enjoys clicking her tongue and doing what the Shodlouski’s call ‘the man noise.’  It’s a weird throat noise/grunting sound and she is awesome at it.  So maybe we need a name change. ;)
  • She’s really starting to notice her hands.  She’ll be reaching for something (usually my hair) when she sees her hand and will stop and turn it over a few times and grab it with her other hand.  It’s so cute!
  • Someone must be stretching her at night!  At the beginning of the month she couldn’t touch the ground when she was in the walker.  A few weeks later and her tippy-toes could touch.  And just this week she’s been able to consistently push herself backwards!  We’ll have to measure her soon!
  • Peyton is still an awesome night sleeper – sleeping through the night almost 100% of the time.  IF she wakes up then you know there’s something wrong.
  • She got to experience her first major snowfall – you can see my over-documentated post here.
  • She’s always liked bath time but now that she’s discovered splashing it’s a whole new level of fun!
  • Last week at daycare they had a special visitor – the music man! And Peyton’s teachers said she was kicking and dancing and smiling the whole time. She made a big impression on the music man!
  • Her face absolutely lights up when I walk into daycare.  She’s been asleep during my lunch hour the past week when I normally go visit so seeing her huge grin and hearing her giggle when she see’s me after work is more amazing than I can explain.
  • Visitor’s this month: we got to spend some time with Rachele when she came for a visit from VA!
  • I had to take Peyton to the doctor today – she has pink eye and the start of a sinus and ear infection so we’re doing eye drops and antibiotics.  Poor girl hasn’t gotten a break since she started daycare!  First it was the cold that never ended, then bronchitis, and now this.  She’s such a trooper though and is never fussy about it unless she can’t sleep at night.  Even though I’d rather her be healthy all the time, I’m so proud of her and her immune system!
  • As of her appointment today, Peyton weighs 17 lbs 8 oz.

I know there are things I’m missing – I try to keep track of everything in my phone to make these updates easy-peasy but even with those notes I feel like I’m missing so much of what makes Peyton who she is.  She has the biggest smile, the cutest laugh, chubby cheeks, arms and legs, and the brightest eyes.  She is so easy-going about almost everything, she likes things that aren’t toys (bag of cheese, boogie wipes, paper, etc) better than actual toys, she talks all the time, she’s always down for a weekend snuggle-nap, she gets excited when me or Forest walk into the room, she likes watching Indie run around, and she’s lazy.  Haha!  Forest’s words, not mine.  But it’s because she still doesn’t want to roll over.  I think she’s being cautious, not lazy.  She can roll over she just generally chooses to fuss instead of rolling.  Anyway, I could go on and on and on but I won’t.  The point is we sure do love this little one and she is the best baby girl!

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore





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