Thought on Thursday – 2.04.2016

The weather lately has felt more like April than the beginning of February and definitely not like the middle of winter! Not complaining, just an observation.

I found a product that has revolutionized painting my nails at home. It’s nothing new, just new to me! And I don’t know why I’ve never purchased it before. Sally Hansen’s DIAMOND FLASH FAST DRY TOP COAT. I used to wave my hands around for an hour and I’d still be nervous I’d mess up my nails. And I definitely don’t have time for that when nap time might only last 30 minutes! This quick dry top coat is amazing! And my polish has lasted up to 5 and 6 days without chipping.

I ordered several pictures last night so I can update a few picture frames around the house. I like keeping old pictures up – I still have a prom picture in our gallery wall – but I like updating the family pictures regularly. I keep the old pictures behind the newest one so every time I update them it’s a fun to look at how much we’ve changed!

I’m on a mission! I want to order a canvas to make a DIY alarm system cover! I’ve never liked where our alarm system panel is located (the installation guy and the husband didn’t consider asking the wife her input on that matter…) and I think I’ve found the perfect solution. I’ll let you know how it goes!

My mom is making her mother-of-the-groom dress for my brother’s wedding this summer. I have complete confidence in her! And I might commission her to make a few dresses for me now!

I’m thinking about buying a photo printer. I found these CANON PRINTERS that seems to have good reviews. I’ll mostly use it for things like my 52 PROJECT (which I will have my finished 2015 album ready to share next week!) since I’m terrible about sending pictures to get printed regularly, updating our picture frames around the house, and for small projects. Does anyone have recommendations? How expensive is the ink and paper for a photo printer?

Our local library is having a book sale on Saturday so I know where I’ll be spending my morning!

Until next time — Cindy


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