Thoughts on Thursday – 2.18.2016

Hello!  And happy Thursday to ya!

It feels like Friday even though I didn’t work on Monday (Daycare was closed for President’s day so I got to spend the whole day with my sidekick!) but it makes me wish that every work week was only 4 days!

I finished my 2015 Project 52 album (you can check out the last weeks in this post).

I’ve been watching The Bachelor this season (guilty pleasure?  mindless activity?) and hometowns are next week and is it just me or does the season finale look exceptionally interesting?!

Snapchat… it confuses me.  I want to be cool enough to use it but it’s a struggle.  I mostly just check out what other people share!

I have been not-so-subtly hinting to Forest that I wanted a cute necklace with a ‘p’ since my birthday… in September… He, however, has informed me that he refuses to buy me anymore jewelry because almost everything he buys me ends up broken. Sigh.  So I took it upon myself to order a cute necklace with a ‘p’ and it arrived Tuesday – I was beyond excited!  It’s gorgeous and dainty (Forest said “it’s so small, you couldn’t have found a bigger one” to which I replied “I like it dainty!”).  If you’re interested it’s this one from Elisabeth Ashlie in silver – her Etsy shop has so many cute pieces, I wish I could buy one of everything!

I’ve purposely been excluding Peyton updates out of my Thoughts on Thursday posts because I don’t want her monthly updates to already be known BUT she has done 2 of the cutest things this week and I can’t not share.  First, she started waving!  A wave goodbye to Grampa & Gramma on FaceTime and then while we were at the grocery store she waved to multiple people as we passed by in the aisle.  And second, she’s clapping!  During dinner on Tuesday night her smacking the high chair tray turned into claps!  Ahhh…. My heart is melting with how adorable she is.

Why are diapers so expensive?  I know there are coupons but it’s not even worth my time to vent about it so I’ll leave it at that.

I am thisclose to having my Captured by Cindy Photography website up and running!  You can check out my Facebook page in the mean time!  I’m so excited to share it soon!  Speaking of Captured by Cindy Photography…. I received my business registration form in the mail this week!!  Yay!

I’m already thinking about spring cleaning.  We have stuff that we haven’t used or needed in years but we I keep it because maybe one day but let’s be honest…  If it came with us from Indiana and we haven’t used it yet, get it out of the house!  This ain’t gonna be easy, I realize.  I hold on to things for sentimental reasons.  Every time I attempt to purge and clean out I get caught up in the memories of whatever the item is and then can’t seem to donate/throw it out/repurpose it so it gets tucked back in the closet. Ugh… I’ve heard good reviews about the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up so maybe it will find its way into my shopping cart and can assist me when I find the time courage to start purging!

And last but not least, it’s still daylight when I leave work and it makes me happy!  Bring on days with more daylight!

Until next time — Cindy


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