Thoughts on Thursday – 2.25.2016

I heard part of this Tim McGraw song on the radio this week so I found the video on YouTube.  It’s a good one!  And it’s something I hope to remind Peyton of constantly as she grows.

Forest has been in full-on study mode this week.  He’s taking his mid-term Saturday.  Good luck, babe!

Any recommendations for a solid, sturdy toy for Peyton to pull-up on and that she can use when she starts learning to walk?  She’s trying to pull herself up in the bathtub but we’d like for her to try outside of bath and we don’t have any furniture low enough for her use.  I know there are things we can buy but I’d like to get real reviews if I can!

My husband is psychic!  We were in the car 2 Friday’s ago and there wasn’t anything good on the radio so he turned it to the CD (Justin Bieber’s newest!!) and after we listened to Forest’s favorite song (Love Yourself – that he swears JB wrote about Selena) he asked “Do you want to hear that song again?”  as he’s turning it back to the radio and changing the station and IT WAS PLAYING ON THAT STATION!  From the beginning too!  My jaw dropped.  I was completely baffled.  I even tried to tell him a different station to pick but nope, he only hesitated a moment while he thought about it and then he picked a different one.  I don’t know how he did it!  (I’m sure some of your are thinking ‘coincidence’ but let’s be honest, he’s obviously psychic!! :) )

We had some crazy weather last night – rain coming down in buckets and insane wind.  And I think Peyton liked it because she slept through the night.  She usually makes a little fuss around 12:00 or 3:30 but not last night!

I think I’m going to order these moccasin slippers ASAP.  (Grey or cinnamon?!)  Forest got a pair of house slippers for Christmas and every night he puts them on I get insanely jealous!

I packed away all of my maternity clothes this week in a clear, under-the-bed tote I picked up at target and in the process of pulling all of the items out of the closet and dresser, I found my leggings that I wore all.the.time.  So now I’m back into my usual after-work/evening attire: leggings + tank + comfiest VS robe

Until next time — Cindy


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