Peyton – 9 months old

Oh Peyton!  You did it again!  You turned another month older and I’m struggling between wanting you to stay my little baby forever and anticipating your next ‘first’.  You’re at such a fun age right now.  Not that your other months haven’t been fun but your personality is shining through more each and every day.  I can tell that you have dada’s humor because you smile and giggle at everything.  Including the times we tell you ‘no’.  You don’t seem to be shy because you’ll talk to everyone!  And you sure are quick to figure things out so you get your way.

Peyton-9 months-1

Peyton-9 months-3

Peyton-9 months-4

Peyton-9 months-5

Peyton-9 months-7

Peyton-9 months-8

Peyton-9 months-10

Peyton-9 months-11

Peyton-9 months-12



Laughing, but not when you’re tickled anymore

Everything that isn’t your toy (electronics, dog toys, colored pencils, mommy’s jewelry)

Baby food (we haven’t found a food you haven’t liked yet!)

Bath time

Watching Indie catch bubbles



Being on your belly when you don’t want to be

Eye drops

Laying down for diaper and outfit changes

  • You have been on a roll with firsts this month!!
    • You rolled over from belly to back and then onto your belly again!  Mommy and Daddy were just a liiiiiitlebit excited about this development.
    • You waved! We were saying goodbye to Grampa & Gramma on Facetime one afternoon and you waved all by yourself!
    • You took your first ride in the shopping cart at the grocery store.  You have the best time just watching people and flashing your smile for the older ladies that would stop to talk to you.
    • You had your first (and second) case of pink eye.  Blah… You shared that with mommy, unfortunately, but we spent a day out of daycare and off of work to recuperate together.
    • You started clapping!  Sitting at the dinner table one evening.  It wasn’t loud enough for us to hear anything but you definitely understand the motion.
    • You pushed yourself forward in the walker.  There was a lot of grunting involved in the effort but you’re figuring it out.
    • You tried puffs for the first time recently.  I think you really like feeding yourself!
    • Your first time down a slide!
  • We had your dedication this month.  On Valentine’s Day to be exact!  You were adorable in your peach dress!  We expected you to blow a raspberry while Daddy or Pastor Lloyd was praying but you didn’t, you only grabbed for the microphone on the pulpit!  Everyone in Indiana got to watch this special moment too (thank goodness for technology!) and they were so proud!
  • Speaking of Valentine’s Day, you celebrated your first one!  You were cute as a button in your LOVE onesie and new headband!  And Daddy got you a new teddy bear (Val) that looks just like the teddy bear he got for Mommy (Tino)!
  • You can sometimes get emotional when things don’t go your way.  For example, on Valentine’s Day we were all doing a craft together and Daddy tried replacing your red colored pencil with a brown colored pencil so he could use the red one and you almost had a meltdown.  And just a few nights ago I took a water bottle away from you and someone would have thought I pinched you.  100 times.  Whew, you know what you want, baby!
  • You tried pulling yourself up in the bathtub reaching for a toy on the edge so we’re on the lookout for a toy/piece of furniture that you can pull up on instead of in the bathtub.
  • Bedtime has been a struggle if you’re not suuuuuper tired when I lay you down.  You’re rolling around a lot in there but sometimes you can’t figure out how to get from your tummy to your back because your arm gets in the way so you get fussy and cranky and we have to go in there multiple times to flip you over.  We should probably let you figure it out but I’m a softie.
  • I mentioned above that you smile and giggle when we tell you ‘no’.  Well Daddy isn’t going to be “the heavy” if you flash that grin when you’re in trouble!  He cracks up at your adorable grin.  You’ll get what you want if you take it up with him!
  • For my memory (because I’m sure not everyone wants to know or even cares but) you’ve become an “aggressive” nurser some evenings and most weekends.  Ha!  I don’t want to stop nursing but if you keep this up much longer I don’t know what I’ll do!
  • As of your doctor appointment this month (2/23) you are average – you weigh 17lbs 13oz (50th percentile), measure 26 inches long (just under the 50th percentile) and your head measures a little small for your age (under the 50th percentile) but not too small to be concerned.  We can start to introduce meats, increase your cereal and add a 3rd meal to your deal.
  • We did start the 3rd meal for you just this last week – you get lunch at daycare after your second bottle now.  And you’re eating baby food with ‘lil bits at dinner time.  You’re learning to chew/mush the food with your gums!  Sometimes we’ll mash the bits for you if they seem not-as-soft but you’re doing pretty good.  We give you puffs as dessert.  You didn’t know what to think of them the first night but Daddy was patient and showed you over and over and over how to pick up a piece and put it in your mouth.  By the second day eating them you were a pro!
  • You figure things out quickly.  You haven’t figured out crawling yet but you can still get the toy that’s on the other side of the blanket – you just pull on the blanket until the toy is close enough for you to grab!  Daddy is quite proud of your smarts!  Mommy is too, of course, but Daddy brags about it.
  • You sleep on your side often.  Not all the time but when we check on you before we lay down at night, you’re usually on your side cuddling with your lovey.  Our hearts melt into puddles because it’s just the sweetest thing seeing you sleep like that!
  • You’re saying mama, dada, babababa and sometimes I hear something that sounds like ‘yes’
  • You started giving hugs; at least that’s what I’m calling them.  When I hold you in front of me, you wrap your arms around me and nuzzle into my neck.  Oh! And kisses!  I don’t think you necessarily know that you’re giving a kiss but when I’m holding you in front of me you open your mouth wide and come at my face like you’re giving a big, open-mouth kiss!
  • And you like to bounce a lot while being held.  I’m sure you’ll bounce right out of our arms someday!

We love you so much, baby girl!

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore


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