Forest Says – Vol. 11

While I’m getting ready for work one morning

C:  If I wear an ‘eh’ outfit with fancy jewelry it kinda evens out, right?

F:  What kind of fancy jewelry do you own?


Giving me a pep talk before my first newborn photo session

F:  and if you get nervous just breathe.  If you’re not breathing you’re not living.


Discussing Peyton’s pink eye and the possibility of me spreading illnesses to my co-workers

F:  but why don’t we have it?  Are we immune?  Are we divergent??  And it doesn’t affect us and we get to hold hands on the train??

(it’s the only scene he seems to remember from the movie Divergent…)


After I asked him why his clothes weren’t put away on a Monday since apparently Monday is the day he normally does this task

F: what had happened was….

C: …

F: something had definitely happened so I couldn’t do it!


Read about his psychic abilities in this Thoughts on Thursday post!


After walking a trail in a new park

C:  I could run that trail.  It seemed pretty flat.

F:  the trail we just walked?  You’d twist your ankle.  You could do it but you’d twist your ankle.


A conversation I overheard while he was getting Peyton dressed before church

F:  you lost your tickle juice!  How can we get your tickle juice back…


Watching the Oscar’s, as they focus on Jason Segel in the audience

F:  Man… Marshall is tan!


Watching the Oscar’s, as Jason Segel walks on stage to present an award

F:  Man… Marshall is really tan!  Did I say that already?


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Until next time — Cindy


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