Thoughts on Thursday – 3.10.2016

This article about choosing absence away from social media/online – she is focused more on putting her blog on different social media platforms but I think about this often when it comes to Instagram & Facebook and the minutes hours I spend scrolling throughout the course of a week. “Choosing periods of absence online helps me appreciate so much more the simple pleasures found in my personal life that come from that ray of sunshine through the window and my real human connections.”

I love this idea for creating more space on a work surface – in the kitchen, on the office desk, on the bathroom counter.  And the personalization options are endless. This would go well with our kitchen shelves so maybe I can talk Forest into making one for the always-cluttered area of our counter next to the fridge!

Peyton Manning announced his retirement from football this week.  I’m pretty sad about it, to be honest but – he is by far my favorite player ever and I’m going to miss seeing him play.  It’s going to be weird not hearing his name, in regards to playing a game, on tv or radio (yep, I listen to ESPN radio all.the.time.)  I’m excited to see at what capacity he’ll return to football – coaching? owner?  analyst?  Or maybe he won’t!  And I’ll still be happy for him!

The weather has been uh-mazing this week!  Record temperatures in the 70’s yesterday and today!  The sunroof was open, the sun was warm on my skin & I dreamed of spending my afternoons outside instead of at my desk.

My parents are coming to town!  They’ll be here Saturday morning/early afternoon  I see a lot of hugs, cuddling & snuggling Peyton, maybe a breakfast date (my favorite!), a shopping trip, and game nights after the babe is asleep.  It’s going to be wooooonderful.

We’ve “booked” a weekend getaway to visit our friend Rachele in VA in May.  Now we just have to find someone to watch our pup or explore the idea of a kennel.  Although I was recommended to check out this website that finds an available pet sitter in our area who would take Indie into their home.  I like this idea because it’s not a kennel but, of course, Forest is leery of the idea.  Has anyone had experience with dogvacay?!

Until next time — Cindy


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