Thoughts on Thursday – 3.17.2016

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I hope you remembered to wear green today!  Or, as my high school chemistry teacher always tells us, the only people wearing green are the ones who aren’t!

Who watched the season finale of The Bachelor Monday night?!  You bet my hand shot in the air faster than anyone!  Forest and my dad are raising their hands too – I stole the remote!  We (yes, all three of us) were pretty sure Ben was going to pick Jojo the entire episode even though we all wanted him to pick Lauren and then BAM!  Jojo was the first one out of the helicopter which we all know isn’t a good sign.  Ben’s proposal to Lauren was cute (I loved that he called Lauren’s father first!) and then his re-proposal at the end of the After the Final Rose was thoughtful.  It felt a little awkward but I’m just glad they didn’t take Chris Harrison up on the offer to get married right then and there.  Now I’m wondering how long will their ‘short’ engagement last….

We celebrated Pi Day on Monday.  If you missed out on Pi Day, go grab one (or whip one up if that’s your jam) for tonight!  Or this weekend!  Any day can be made better with pie, I’m sure of it.

My mom brought her sewing machine with her so I could hem a few of Forest’s pants + fix a hem on a pair of mine and now I want my own sewing machine.  Or at least know someone who would let me borrow theirs (knowing that I would have it for many, many, many months and that there is a risk of it breaking) so I could try my hand at making a “cheater quilt” – like this one  – that I’ve had bookmarked for a while.

Forest and I filled out our March Madness brackets last night!  We’ve been filling them out and making bets for a few years now (read those posts here – or if you prefer a quick recap… I’m the winner!) but we haven’t figured out what the prize/consequence will be for this year’s tournament.  Hmm…. Any good ideas?

I picked up an adorable bathing suit for Peyton’s Easter basket today.  Plus a matching hat and a pair of sunglasses.  Please tell me it’s not just me who wants to buy all.the.things. while walking through Babies*R*Us or the kid section at Target?!

My only plan for this weekend is brunch at Turning Point.  Although someone at work told me to be ready for the snow we’re supposed to get this weekend.  What?!  I thought for sure that we were on the up-swing with the weather!

Until next time — Cindy


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