Thoughts on Friday – 4.01.2016

I’ve been a procrastinator this week so this Thoughts on Thursday is coming at you on a Friday.  Please forgive me!

Yesterday, if you would have asked me thoughts, I would have shared things very similar to the list below.

How do you keep your jacket sleeves clean?  I have a Columbia rain jacket that has a white stripe that runs up my sides and on the underside of my arms down to my hands and I just can’t seem to keep the white part of the sleeve near my hands clean.  Maybe a better question would be, once it’s dirty, what is your best method of getting the dirt off?

The Captured by Cindy Photography website is officially live!  I stayed up late last night working on final touches and hitting “publish”.  Drop by if you’d like!  And if you’re in the Central New Jersey area, make sure you contact me!  I’m open to book sessions, answer questions or chat!

I blogged about our Easter weekend in this post right here.

The ceiling above my desk at work started leaking on Monday while we were getting monumental amounts of rain.  I guess on Friday (I had the day off) the ceiling in the warehouse at work was ‘leaking’ so much it was like a shower was turned on (so I’ve been told by eye-witnesses) in which case my dripping ceiling is practically nothing except that it’s right over my computer.  It’s supposed to rain on-and-off today so I’m praying the absorbent pad the maintenance crew gave me to catch the drips works. *eye roll*.  I’ve been balancing a trash can on my computer in the evening in case the leak returns.  Let’s hope it doesn’t but my hopes aren’t high since the landlord hasn’t been around to inspect the leaks/roof.

April fool’s day is today.  I’ve never been into tricks or tomfoolery but this morning Peyton enjoyed tricking dada into thinking she had done a #2 but when he went to change her she was all clean!  I can only assume her giggles were her way of saying “April Fool’s, dada!”

I’m really looking forward to breaking in my Christmas present soooooon! (I have the COPA/GREY/WHITE/ORANGE color- love!) Weather, please stay warm.  Motivation, please come soon. : )

You need a budget.  Is anyone familiar with it?  Our money spending isn’t out of control and we aren’t necessarily saving for something specific (although we do like going on vacations and we do have a mortgage to pay) but I think it would be useful to know where our money is going, ya know?  And saving a few pennies in the process wouldn’t hurt.  I’ll have to take this one up with Forest soon!

I bought an iced coffee from DD on my into work this morning (I stayed up late working on the Captured by Cindy Photography website, remember?!).  I got a medium but I don’t know why.  In all the times I’ve bought a medium iced coffee I’ve never finished it and usually I don’t even drink half of it.  Maybe I’ll remember that I really only need a small one day (but probably not).

I think that’s all for this dreary Friday.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Until next time — Cindy


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