Peyton – 10 months old

Ten months.  T E N months.  Peyton, you’re such a goof with the cutest full-face smile that I’ve ever seen and we love you to pieces!

Peyton-10 months (3)

Peyton-10 months (4)

Peyton-10 months (5)

Peyton-10 months (6)

Peyton-10 months (7)

Peyton-10 months (9)

Peyton-10 months (1)

Peyton-10 months (2)


Baby food – all of it

Feeding yourself puffs, banana & cooked apple pieces (that mommy cuts up super small for you)



Bath time

Indie – especially her ears!

Moving – scooching, army-crawling or cruising in your walker

Throwing everything

Pulling drawers open (kitchen & your dresser)



Laying down for diaper and outfit changes

Not getting your way


  • A list of first’s for Miss Peyton
    •  Sleeping on your belly
    • Scooting around on your bum
    • Feeding yourself bits of cooked apples
    • Finding your tongue
    • Actually walking in the walker
    • Giving kisses.  You’ll give them to almost anyone that asks but you lay them on dada, one after another after another without him asking
    • Enjoyed first Pi Day
    • Celebrated first Easter & opened first Easter basket!!
  • At the beginning of the month you took 2 naps on your belly and by the next evening you were on your side or belly every time you were sleeping. I love walking in to your room in the mornings to find you on your belly with your bum in the air these days!
  • You started scooting and pulling yourself across the floor on your bum!  It’s the cutest thing!  By the end of the month you really knew how to get around like that but your teacher said that it’s not good for your hips.  They’re keeping you on your belly more often now so you can start to army crawl and then actually crawl.  We’ll do the same at home now too!
  • For about a week you would push dada’s face away if he came in close to yours.  He asked me one day if I thought you were playing or if he did something wrong.  (Aw..)  I know you were just playing because you always laughed but you haven’t pushed dada’s face away in a while so I think he’s happy about that.
  • You really like using Indie & dada as your personal jungle gym in the mornings while I finish getting ready for work.  It’s the cutest thing to see you climbing all over the place!  Although we have to remind you to be nice to Indie.  You always try to pull her ears and while she hasn’t seemed to mind yet, I’d hate for there to be a day when Indie’s had enough…
  • Grampa & Gramma came to visit in the middle of the month and you got to stay at home with them while mommy & daddy were at work.  Daddy came home during lunch and he loved seeing you during that time!  I got pictures one day of you sticking your tongue out and playing with it – adorable!
  • I think the week they were here was one of the toughest we’ve had in a while… You were sick over the weekend (throwing up and diarrhea) and not sleeping well through the night so I took you to the Dr on Monday morning.  Diagnosis: teething.  You didn’t sleep well that whole week and we could see your top 2 teeth trying to break through but they never did.
  • You like to bust a move or two if you hear music or someone singing.  It’s usually just a little bob of the head and body but it’s so stinkin’ cute.
  • You cried a couple mornings at the end of the month when I dropped you off at daycare and when I left after visiting at lunch.  I thought I’d have to stop visiting at lunch but the director (Ms. Christine) encouraged me to keep coming because you settle down ok for the teachers.  I don’t think I would have stopped coming but I’m glad your teachers are understanding.
  • On Good Friday, it was you and me hanging out at home (daycare was closed so I took a vacation day to hang out with you) and you were walking forward in the walker pretty good!  I got a cute video – you were concentrating so much to get going forward!  Since then you’ve just been cruising – going around and around the kitchen island and around and around the couch.  You like to chase Indie and you love getting into the drawers that you can reach inside (dishtowels and bottle brushes).
  • Grandpa & Grandma J were here from Easter weekend through the end of the month and you stayed at home with them while mommy & daddy were at work.  Daddy loved getting to see you at lunch time again!
  • You dyed your first Easter eggs, celebrated your first Easter, and opened your first Easter basket!
  • I noticed on Easter afternoon that there are S I X top teeth that you’ll be getting ready to cut.  Ooph… and one of the top front teeth is finally poking out and has been for a couple days but you’re grinding it against your bottom teeth and it sounds horrible.  I cringe every time you do that…
  • Daddy said you held your own bottle when he fed you one afternoon last week!
  • I put you in a 2-piece PJ set at bedtime the other day and you look so big, baby girl!  I know you’re 10 months now but I didn’t know you could look so grown up!

Until next time — Cindy



*All images are original to A View from the Shore


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