Thoughts on Thursday – 4.07.2016


Sometime last week Forest told me I had already won our March Madness brackets – mathematically, anyway.  Now that the tournament is over, it’s official – I’m the winner!  I had Virginia vs OK in the championship game with Virginia winning and Forest had Michigan State vs Kansas with Kansas winning.  Forest’s bracket was toast after Michigan State lost to Middle Tennessee in the first round since he had Michigan State in the final dance!

We childproofed the kitchen cabinets last week and my brain can’t seem to remember that fact.

First year of being a mommy funnies.

Although this hoodie is out of stock in my size, I’m kind of majorly crushing on it (and all of the striped double hooded sweatshirt!!)

Ordering this area rug (in color gray) for the living room!

I plan to book reservations for our family vacation this summer before the weekend!

Weekend to-do list: sleep in (which usually means cuddling in bed until breakfast which is totally fine!), yard work (hopefully the weather is nice!), eye appointment for new contacts (I’ve been putting it off for far too long), church (it’s not a to-do but ya know), finish our 2015 family album (too many pictures + not enough $$ to add pages to include all of them = a frustrated mama), and spending time with my little fam (all day, every day.)

Until next time — Cindy


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