Forest Says – Vol. 12

Random text one afternoon-

C:  I’m really wanting 2 things right now.  Chocolate and Turning Point.

F:  I’m wanting to take my shoes off and tacos.


Texting about tickets for a Dashboard Confessional concert this summer-

C: Presale tickets start in 1 day.  General public starts mar 18 at 12.

F:  Stupid presale.  I’ll buy them on stub hub or off the black market if they sell out. lol


To Peyton-

F:  well you survived 2 weeks with 2 different sets of grandparents so that must mean they did a good job.  Or at least okay enough that you’re still here.


20-ish minutes in to watching Mockingjay Part II-

F:  Right after it started I was trying to remember the last movie and I think I was getting hunger games, maze runner and divergent all confused.


After Mockingjay Part II finished-

F:  The only ending of a series I like was Harry Potter.

*completely reenacts Hagrid carrying Harry, pointing and yelling “He’s dead!!”, and Harry jumping down and the epic battle between Harry & Voldemort*


Getting back from the mechanic after the muffler (& other things which is why we took it in in the first place) was fixed-

F:  We practically have a Prius now!  You’ll never hear me!


A little back story for this next one-  Yesterday (Monday) morning Forest decided to start taking Indie on a short walk in the morning like he used to do before it got too cold this winter.  This morning I didn’t go into work because Peyton had a fever yesterday and can’t go back to daycare until Wednesday.  So lying in bed this morning we have this conversation-

C:  So are you gonna go walk with that one at the end of the bed snoring?

F:  *lifts head to look at Indie* Nah, she looks comfy.  Besides, it’s raining.

C:  Three days ago the weather said it might rain this morning.

F:  and I’m choosing to believe it.

*about an hour later, as he’s eating breakfast in the kitchen and the sun is shining through the windows*

F:  man… it’s really raining out there.


As he’s chopping up an expired credit card-

F:  Now nobody will steal my identity, you throw it away in different trash cans so no one can piece it back together!

C:  How many trash cans did you just put it in?

F:  Three!! I don’t know about you but I care about my identity!


In a text after he got to the Dr’s office with Peyton-

F: Do I lose parent points for not bringing the diaper bag with me?….


Until next time — Cindy


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