First beach day

We had our first beach day over the weekend!  Beach hours might be a better description but we were there!  the sun was shining!  our toes were in the sand!  and it was Peyton’s first trip!

One of our favorite spots is Sandy Hook – it’s easy to get to from our house and I’m a huge fan of the paved  paths for walking and biking, the history (lighthouse + Fort Hancock), the view of NY, and the numerous beach access points.  AND that dogs are allowed on the bay side of the peninsula.

This was mostly a last-minute decision so we made sure we had the essentials and just jumped in the car.  And when I say we ‘had the essentials’ I mean we had baby sunscreen, a jacket + hat for Peyton, the stroller, and water for us.  I didn’t think to grab my camera or – get this! – a blanket for us to sit on!  We went to the beach without a towel to sit on!  My jacket did good enough for Peyton and we didn’t mind planting our bums in the sand.

Indie, our scaredy-dog, wasn’t a fan of the water.  The waves that rolled up to shore made her nervous but we were able to coax her so at least all 4 paws were in the water for a total of 10 seconds.  Peyton didn’t say but I assume she enjoyed her time.  She stuck her hands in the sand and we wiped them off quick since her hands are always in her mouth.  Always.

Since I didn’t have my camera we only grabbed a couple of pictures with Forest’s phone but they are all we needed.

We had baby sunscreen but no blanket so my jacket took the fall. 04.17.2016 #Peyton #peytonsfirsts #Peytonsfirstbeachday #SandyHook

Spent some time at the beach with my peeps today. 04.17.2016 #familytime #beachday #SandyHook

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore


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