Thoughts on Thursday – 4.21.2016

Hi friends!  I missed posting thoughts last week (I blame the 24-hour bug I was recovering from) but I made sure to post a new volume of Forest Says this week so be sure to check that out!

When we planned our dinners this week, every night was something different to be grilled.  Outside!  Dinners on the deck are good for our souls!  We’re taking full advantage of spring weather + longer daylight hours.

Mother’s Day is coming!  I set a goal for myself that I would be early/on time with birthday and special occasion gifts and cards this year.  Mother’s Day is no exception – it’s ONE day that we get to tell our mother’s how special they are to us.  But if we’re being honest, we should be telling them EVERY day how much we love and appreciate them.

Our summer vacation is B O O K E D and I am so excited to get away for a whole week with my people + our pup!  We’ll be renting a cabin on a lake in upstate NY and enjoying time away.

Speaking of time away, our long weekend visit to our friend Rachele in VA is coming up!  We’re coming for you, are you ready?!

Are you watching Dancing with the Stars this season?!  I feel like there are so many good stars!  I’m really impressed by Nyle (born deaf but dances so well!), I’m a fan of Jodi Sweetin, Ginger Zee from GMA is really fun and I loooooved her as Belle during Disney week.

I want to look into getting a bike trailer for Peyton so we can go on bike rides this summer!  I’m not a fan of the seat attached to the bike (it seems riskier/more chance of her getting hurt – but that’s just my opinion).  Does anyone have experience with bike trailers for kids?  In my brief research, there are some brands that can convert from a bike trailer to a stroller which seems to make sense – if we’re riding and decide to stop and walk for whatever reason.  Any recommendations?!

I bought sweet potatoes and butternut squash at the grocery store this week for the first time ever!  I want to start Peyton on more table food and although I have zero experience cooking either of these, they’re her favorite baby foods so I am gathering all the courage I can to cook these so they’re still edible.

The $20 bill is getting a makeover.

I got an indoor plant while we were at Lowe’s over the weekend.  I know next-to-nothing about keeping houseplants alive.  I’ve killed all the ones I’ve ever owned.  And at alarming rates.  But I’ve been craving some greenery in our home.  A co-worker offered to give me a few chutes from one of her plants so maybe by the end of the week I’ll have TWO houseplants!

Until next time — Cindy


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