I want to remember

It’s occurred to me lately that maybe the smallest life moments are the ones I want to preserve the most.  Because down the road, I’ll probably remember the big life moments! it’ll be easier to recall the larger, more spectacular things.  And I’ve already captured those moments with the camera and shared those times on the blog.  Of course I will have my camera with me for capturing all of the big, fun, spectacular things!  But it’s so easy to forget the everyday things, because they seem so normal and routine…

but it all changes so quickly!

We’ve had a rough week, our little family, and sleep has been hard to come by.  Last week I was down for the 24-hour count.   Thankfully it was only 24 hours.  And Forest (what a guy, that one) he’s seriously the best!  He was able to stay home to take care of me + Peyton (he didn’t want to drive her all the way to daycare so everyone stayed home with sick mommy!)  And while I felt terrible, I got to enjoy baby cuddles while we napped – the best way to spend any day!

I had 2 vacation days that followed my sick-day and they were the best!  Getting to spend all of my time with my baby girl!  I was able to have dinner on the table and clean the house and have a play date (Peyton got to enjoy the swings for the first time!) and it was the most perfect two days followed by an equally perfect weekend of a Lowe’s trip and baby nap-cuddles and church and the beach!

And then Monday morning hit and we were back at the grind.  But then Monday afternoon hit and daycare called to say that Peyton had a fever and my heart sank.  She has an ear infection and hasn’t slept well the past couple days.  She wants to be held and her fever has been so high and I’ve spent countless hours praying that her fever would break and her infection would be healed.  We did a 2 am bath in the middle of the night to help cool her down.  Peyton ended up sleeping in bed with me and Forest slept on the couch (with Indie).  Very little sleep, very heavy heart, so much guilt for being at work (hello year-end!!) when I’d much rather be cuddling her until she’s feeling better.  But Forest (again, that guy is something else) was able to work from one day and he told me all was well.

And trying to juggle taking care of Peyton and ourselves with working has not been easy.  Not at all.  I’m not complaining because we figured it out.  We (thankfully!) have bosses that understand having a baby and we can both work from home if we need to but I will forever and always give props to all the working parents out there.  It’s tough and exhausting and thank goodness we get the weekends to sleep in and recuperate!

This last week has been tough, yes (and Peyton still isn’t 100% herself. She doesn’t have her normal appetite back and she’s not sleeping through the night yet. I hope those things will return to normal soon, I just hate seeing my baby hurting!) BUT I am so thankful that we have them.  That we have Peyton!  That we have each other to lean on encourage and cuddle!  And!  Despite the sickness and not feeling well, Peyton still manages to laugh for no reason, plays her new favorite game of “Where’s Indie?!” as she peers over the back of the couch, races around the kitchen in the walker (pulling open drawers and chasing Indie as she goes), and gives us all the kisses!

Sour, sweet, sour, sweet.  That’s been our week but hopefully the really sour stuff is behind us for awhile because this little family is ready to stay healthy for maaaaaaany weeks!

Until next time — Cindy


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