Thoughts on Thursday – 4.28.2016

The dog ate/scratched a hole in the new rug – I have a post coming soon but ugh.  In the back of my mind I was afraid she would but prayed that she wouldn’t.  Now I’m on the hunt for new coffee table and I’m completely crushing on round leather storage ottomans (like this or this) but then I found this cushioned square one and I’m confused!

We’re having this chicken alfredo baked ziti for dinner tonight.  Also, I browsed her other recipes on the blog and I think we’ll be trying several!

Speaking of food, we tried a new crockpot recipe for a ‘Tavern Burger’ which was a homemade version of sloppy joe’s.  Yumm!

Peyton is almost 11 months old!  As we were nearing bedtime last night, Forest was reminiscing about Peyton’s newborn days and how he used to rock her as he walked around the kitchen island.  He doesn’t think he’d make it around the island 2x holding her the same way.  It’s such a bittersweet thing that babies don’t stay small forever.

The weather app said this morning that the high was 56 degrees and I said Brr… We’ve been spoiled with the weather lately but it is still spring so I take back my Brr… and I’ll happily enjoy these spring days.

There are 2 geese that hang out in the parking lot and grassy area at my office building and I just noticed earlier this week that they’ve been joined by 6 of the cutest little baby geese!

This memory monster is just about the cutest thing ever and I’m contemplating digging through Peyton’s totes of clothes to find my most favorite outfits to get one made for her!

Until next time — Cindy

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