Peyton – 11 months

Oh, heeeeeey eleven months!  Wow!

[pictures coming soon – it’s so hard to get a picture of her laying down these days!]

FINALLY, the pictures are here!

Peyton-11 months (1)

Peyton-11 months (4)

Peyton-11 months (7)

Peyton-11 months (9)

Peyton-11 months (2)


Table food – especially banana and avocado



Bath time

Indie – especially her ears!

Moving – scooching, army-crawling or cruising in your walker

Throwing everything on the floor

Pulling drawers open (kitchen & your dresser)

Chasing us around the kitchen island

Standing up at the coffee table




Laying down for diaper and outfit changes

Not getting her way



  • The list of first’s isn’t very long this month but there were some big things:
    • Sitting up on her own (I found her sitting up in her crib at 1am)
    • First time on a swing
    • Day at the beach
    • Cold bath (at 2 am) to bring a fever down followed by
    • Spending a few hours one night sleeping with me in our bed (it was a roooooough night)
    • Table foods – squash, sweet potato, scrambled egg, avocado
    • Pulling herself to standing
  • We childproofed the kitchen cabinets at the beginning of April.  Peyton was just starting to really move in the walker so we knew it would be better to have the cabinets & some of the drawers childproofed.  We left a few lower drawers open for her and anytime she’s in the walker you can guarantee she’s rummaging through one of those drawers.
  • Peyton got to watch her first opening day!  Her and Forest watched baseball the whole weekend together.
  • Daycare has really been working to get Peyton to crawl rather than do her scooting across the floor.  Forest has been ‘a meanie’ (his words, not mine) with it at home too.  But she gets places faster if she scoots so every time we put her on her belly she just sits up and scoots.
  • I had 2 days off in the middle of the month and we had a fun play date planned with a friend from our home group and her baby girl who is just 1 month + a few days older than Peyton.  We took a walk around their neighborhood and Peyton got to swing for the first time.  She seemed like she enjoyed it!  As long as I didn’t push her too fast.
  • We went to the beach for the first time this year and Peyton’s first time ever.  We all, Indie included, went to Sandy Hook.  We walked around for awhile because Peyton was napping in the stroller but once she woke up we headed to the beach and let her dig her toes in the sand.  We remembered to grab sunscreen for Peyton before we left the house but didn’t think to grab a blanket or beach towel for all of us to sit on.  oh well!
  • We tried giving Peyton a few different table foods recently.  I baked a butternut squash (she wasn’t a huge fan but she wasn’t feeling well when we gave it to her so we’ll try that one again), Forest baked a sweet potato (she seemed to like it), scrambled egg (she puts pieces in her mouth and moves it around but never ends up swallowing it so we’ll keep trying), and avocado chunks (BY FAR her most favorite food, ever).
  • Peyton has recently started boycotting her afternoon nap.  I can usually get her to nap when she’s at home but daycare says she fights her PM nap and then falls asleep right before I get there to pick her up.
  • Peyton looooooves to chase us around the kichen island.  We’ll stand at one side and say “Come on Peyton!” and she laughs and moves her feet so fast to get you as you run away.  And she likes to be chased, too.  She runs as fast as she can in the walker and if she doesn’t make it around a corner fast enough she’ll stop running, turn around and squeal as we come in to tickle her.
  • Peyton always tries to get close to Indie when she’s in the walker and Indie does everything she can to stay away from Peyton.  But if Indie happens to walk around the kichen island and Peyton is there, Peyton squeals and laughs because she thinks Indie is trying to chase her.  Cutest thing!
  • Fake laughs are her new thing.  Well, the aren’t necessarily fake.  But she’s constantly laughing at herself.  Her teachers at daycare say the same thing.  She just randomly starts laughing even if nothing is going on around her.  It’s so funny!
  • Over the weekend Peyton pulled herself on the coffee table for the first time!  I was giving her a boost for the first few times but then she did it all on her own a couple times in a row!  And she would get so fussy if she wasn’t standing up at the coffee table and playing with the magazine that was up there.  I think that was her motivation, to play with the magazine.
  • Her favorite thing to do is stand up on the couch and when I ask “Where’s Indie?!” she’ll look all around and then get on her tippy toes to peek over the edge.
  • She’s a stinker with her kisses for me.  Forest and I can be standing next to each other, both of our faces right next to hers, and both ask for kisses and she’ll always choose Forest.
  • Peyton has her 2 bottom teeth + 4 on top that she’s been cutting forevvvver.  One of the front 2 teeth is almost all the way through, the one next to it is a good way through, the other front tooth juuuuuust broke through this week and the one right next to it is the same as the other side. She’s chewing on everything, including her hands which she leaves teeth marks on, so I try to make sure she always has something to gnaw on.
  • She loves to point.  I’m not 100% sure where she got it from but she’ll be talking and jabbering and she’ll just point at us while she’s doing it, almost like she’s scolding us for something or trying to make sure we listen.  Just this morning Forest was giving her a hard time about something and she was in the jumper and as he’s talking to her, she’s talking back and pointing her finger at him.  I couldn’t help but crack up as I’m watching the two of them go back and forth!
  • As of her dr appt today (May 3rd), Peyton weighs 18.8 lbs and although her head still measures small for her age, it’s following it’s own growth trajectory so the Dr. isn’t concerned.
  • Speaking of Dr., she said it’s ok to let Peyton scoot on her bum if that’s how she prefers to get around (daycare told us it’s not good for her hips but the Dr said her hips are strong, she’ll be fine) and we can start to wean Peyton from breastfeeding/breast milk and start her with milk and more table food.
  • April 13th started a very long 2 weeks of sickness (I shared some in this post).  I had a 24-hour bug that day.  A few days later, over the weekend, Peyton started getting unusually cranky during the day and wasn’t sleeping well at night. She came home from daycare on Mon April 18 with a fever and by Tues we took her to the dr – ear infection and she started antibiotics.  The next night, she was so fussy and her fever was so high that we gave her a cold bath at 2 am and she ended up sleeping a few hours in our bed with me while Forest slept on the couch.  By Friday morning she wasn’t keeping any milk down and was gagging and throwing up when she ate puree’s and solids.  We were forcing pedialite down her as much as we could and having her nurse as much as possible through the weekend.  She still wasn’t eating food well at the start of the next week but she was keeping all of the milk down.  She finally started eating normal again later that week but it was such a difficult time, especially not knowing what was wrong.  We still don’t know for sure – it could have been a reaction to the antibiotics (we stopped giving it to her when she couldn’t keep her food down),  or she caught the 24-hour bug from me and it just lasted more than 24 hours.  Either way, it was a tough week and one I hope to not repeat.

My oh my.  I can’t believe Peyton was just a squishy little newborn that we were just meeting for the first time 11 months ago!  Forest was recently reminiscing about how he would hold Peyton as he walked around the kitchen island on nights that she was upset and fussy and now, now! she’s much too big to hold the same way!  In just 11 months!   She’s changed so much but she has the biggest personality and the prettiest smile and she loves us just as much as we love her.  I’m so extremely thankful that God gave her to us!

Until next time — Cindy


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