Thoughts on Thursday – 5.05.2016

I’m pretty sure I don’t remember what the sun is anymore.  We haven’t seen it once all week and it’s starting to affect (effect??) my sanity.  I haven’t even checked the weather to see when it might make an appearance.  Maybe this weekend??

Happy (early) 2nd birthday to our nephew, Chansler!  His birthday is tomorrow!  He’s getting to be such a big-boy and I can’t believe it!  We sent a gift to him this week so hopefully we’ll get to Facetime to watch him open it soon!

Peyton turned 11 months this week.

I’ve started listening to podcasts at work recently.  Specifically these two (STUFF YOU SHOULD KNOW [these two guys are pretty funny together and they have a ton of topics to listen to!] and SERIAL [crime investigation!]) and I actually think I’m getting more work done.  Usually my brain wanders while I’m working but since I’ve been listening to a few podcasts during the day, I feel more productive.

Speaking of work, we are just about finished with our fiscal year end.  It’s been a loooooong week and I’m ready for the crazy days to be done.

I have birthday party planning on my mind to celebrate Peyton’s 1st birthday next month!  Decorations and cute food ideas and invitations and it’s equal parts exciting and wait-I’m-not-ready-for-my-baby-to-be-one!

We have pork fried rice on the menu tonight so apparently we didn’t check the calendar before planning this week’s meals because today is cinco de mayo and Mexican food would have (obviously) been more appropriate.

I’m hoping all of the mother’s (the ones with babies, the ones who have lost babies, the ones who long for babies of their own, the ones whose babies have grown) have a very special weekend!  You are loved!

Until next time — Cindy


3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Thursday – 5.05.2016

  1. We are seeing the sun today finally ! So hopefully you guys will see it this weekend. Your podcast look interesting I think I will try one : )

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