Thoughts on Thursday – 5.19.2016 | First birthday gift ideas

My thoughts this week have been focused on Peyton’s first birthday so this week’s Thoughts on Thursday are all ideas for a special first birthday gift.

Peyton’s first birthday is less than 2 weeks away (how?!) so I’ve been brainstorming a few gift ideas but I have a few criteria it must meet:

  1. Durable – kids are rough on toys so I want it to last
  2. It won’t be outgrown too quickly
  3. Educational/use of imagination

I think all of the gifts listed below would be excellent gifts for any young kids!  There is a good mix of price ranges in this list.  And I know there are plenty of other gifts that would be equally as awesome that I haven’t thought of!

These are just ideas I’ve had running through my mind specifically for Peyton from Daddy and Mommy:

Water table with umbrella

Personalized puzzle step stool – learning puzzles, learning her name, learning letters and it will give her a boost when she needs it!

Shape sorting toy

Wagon – what kid wouldn’t want a wagon??

Any of these kid’s chair – the fox and owl are SO cute but something simple [to match décor] is just as adorable!

Playset with slide and swings

This is a DREAM for outside – table + bench + chairs

Or a more affordable [and still really cute!] kid’s picnic table with umbrella

Peek ‘n Peep Eggs (she plays with this at daycare sometimes)

Age-appropriate wood puzzles: like this fruit basket puzzle or this roundabout puzzle

Pink Camaro – ok, she’s probably still too young for this but I want it for her : )

Fishbowl bath sorter

Alphabet magnets – she loves playing with magnets on the fridge

Alphabet wall cards –  2-for-1!  she can learn the alphabet and we can decorate her room!


Well I had intended to only do a handful of ideas but I got carried away!  I’m not sure how Forest and I will be able to pick what gift(s) we get for our sweet girl!


Until next time — Cindy


*there are no affiliate links in this post – the products and companies linked do not know who I am and I’m not being compensated to link them in this post.


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