Forest Says – VOL. 13

C: So did you see on Facebook about…

F: (interrupting) Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill??

C:  That’s not what I was going to say but what about it?

F:  Oh.  Well apparently they’re replacing Andrew Jackson.

C:  hmm..

F:  Apparently it’s not politically correct to be Andrew Jackson these days.


F: So when I go meet this new intern should I be myself or be stern and strict?  Should I call him kid?  Like ‘hey kid!’?

C:  How old is he?  24?

F:  I think he’s a junior.

C:  So like 20.

F:  Yeah.  I’m 27.  Or 28?  Or I’m going to be 28?  What is it?

C:  You will be 28 in November.

F:  So I’m 27.  That’s almost a decade difference.  He doesn’t even know who Nelly is!


F:  Is this what they call ‘Netflix and chill’?


Browsing movies on Netflix

F:  We can watch Inside Man if you want.  It’s a top 10, no…. top 4 favorite movie.

C:  you never watch a movie more than once but we’ve watched that one several times.  So what are your top movies?

F:  Anchor Man.  Inside Man.  Spider Man.


After we pass turkey vultures eating roadkill.

F:  Why is it that animals can eat meat raw but we can’t?  Why can’t I walk up to a cow and just take a bite?  Ok, it would probably trample me.  Why can’t I walk up to a dead cow and just take a bite?


Eating our strawberry shortcake at Rachele’s

F:  This is the fruit of our labor!


As Peyton shoves 1/3 of a cookie in her mouth to go along with the other bite she is already eating

F:  We’re just kinda wingin’ it with this one, huh?  We never took that CPR class and we’re letting her shove almost a whole cookie in her mouth.

C:  Just don’t make eye contact with her so she doesn’t laugh!

F:  (to Peyton) I guess as long as you make it to tomorrow we’re doing alright, right?


You can check out previous volumes here!

Until next time — Cindy


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