Peyton – 12 months

Happy 1st Birthday to the sweetest, happiest, and cuddliest girl there ever was!

Peyton-12 months (3)

Peyton-12 months (2)

Peyton-12 months (5)

Peyton-12 months (6)

Peyton-12 months (7)

Peyton-12 months (9)

Peyton-12 months (10)

Peyton-12 months (1)



  • Clapping
  • Table food – especially banana and avocado
  • Feeding table food to Indie
  • Walking while we hold both of her hands
  • Giving kisses!
  • Drinking bath water
  • Pulling up and standing
  • Laughing
  • Bath time and drinking the bath water
  • Indie
  • Sitting/standing at the front door with Indie
  • Moving – scooching or cruising in your walker
  • Throwing everything on the floor
  • Pulling drawers open (kitchen & dresser drawers)
  • Chasing us around the kitchen island
  • Pointing


  • Laying down for diaper and outfit changes
  • Not getting her way
  • Teething
  • Eggs – scrambled, fried and hard-boiled
  • Indie wearing a cone


  • New words: “uh oh” and “hi”
  • New foods this month:  egg, watermelon, green beans, cantelope, muffin, crescent roll, Cheerios, cottage cheese, applesauce, pears, rice, cheese, chicken, beef,  baked potato
  • Incident report at daycare for bumping her head trying to pull up on the toy box
  • Waving with her fingers (the.cutest.)
  • First Mother’s Day!!
  • Pulling herself up in the crib
  • First (not Indiana) vacation
  • First MLB game – Detriot Tigers @ Baltimore Orioles
  • First Blue Claws game
  • First Horse Race


It’s getting more difficult to remember all of the new/fun things Peyton is doing even though I make every effort to write down everything as it happens.  She’s constantly on the move and is such a content and happy baby that I worry I won’t have much to write about!

  • All 4 of the top teeth finally decided to come in all the the way so Peyton is sporting an awfully toothy grin these days!
  • If Forest and I have our faces next to each other and ask for a kiss she will ALWAYS choose Forest.  Although she gives kisses to everyone now, even if they don’t ask.  She just gently leans in with an open mouth and plants one on ya!
  • Anytime Peyton drops something (or purposefully throws it on the floor) I say ‘Uh oh!’ and one morning earlier in May she would try to repeat after me by saying ‘uh’.  Through the month it’s progressed to her saying ‘Uh oh’ with me!
  • I got to celebrate my First Mother’s Day this month!  Last year at this time Peyton was still kicking my ribs from the inside!  Dada helped her make a frame with her footprints in a heart shape that I will cherish forever.  And probably always wonder how her feet were ever so tiny!
  • I got a call from daycare one day this month to let me know that there wasn’t anything wrong but Peyton did bump her head as she was pulling herself up on the toy shelf.  When I picked her up after work, her right brow-bone had a small red knot but her teacher said that she did cry for a little bit after it happened but she was more upset that they wouldn’t let her go play while they put ice on it for her!  Typical.  Forest often asks me if, when she’s older, we’ll get more calls because she’s in trouble for talking or because she hurt herself.
  • Peyton started saying ‘hi!’ this month.  I always told her ‘Say hi dada!’ when Forest walked in the room so she started with ‘hi da!’ – to everyone.  After I changed it to telling her ‘Say hi!’, she’s dropped the ‘da’ (most of the time).
  • Forest has the.cutest. video on his phone of Peyton waving and saying “hi!” in her sweet voice.  We had stopped for a nursing/diaper change on our way to VA and Peyton was all smiles and practicing her “hi!”
  • Speaking of VA – Peyton had her first not-Indiana vacation this month!  We had such a great time visiting our friend Rachele in Charlottesville, VA.  Even if Peyton ended up sleeping in bed with us between the hours of 1am and 6am (which resulted in me hardly sleeping at all!).  Her pack-n-play must not be very comfy because she woke up in the middle of the night and would not go back to sleep unless she was plopped in our bed.
  • And we followed up VA with a stop at a Baltimore Orioles game on our way home – Peyton’s first MLB game!  And another stadium crossed off Forest’s list – it was our first time at Camden Yards!
  • Peyton started regularly pulling herself up.  On everything.  The coffee table, the couch, the chair, the toy shelf at daycare, the pit wall at daycare, our pant legs!, dresser drawers, her crib.  She really likes standing up!  She sometimes pulls up and falls down on her butt just to pull up again.  She just started moving along those surfaces this week.  She takes teeny-tiny steps to walk along the table or couch.  She’s a little more brave in her crib – she’ll walk along one whole side and even round the corners to walk along the shorter side before she plops down and laughs.
  • Laughing.  Oh my goodness can Peyton laugh!  She has an adorable laugh/squeal/shriek when she’s really excited and she gets her hands and feet moving at the same time.  Her smile, laugh and pure joy are so contagious!
  • We bought a Sunday School Songs sing-along cd for the car and we were listening to ‘If you’re happy and you know it’ one day on our way home from work/daycare and I could see Peyton in the back seat clapping when the song got to ‘clap your hands’.  So cute!
  • Peyton sleeps really well at night besides her normal middle-of-the-night wake up between 12 and 1 am.  It almost never fails that she’s up at that time but I go in there and she’s back asleep within 5 minutes.
  • We went to the Jersey Shore food truck festival at Monmouth Park over Memorial weekend and had so much fun!  We got to see a horse race (a first for all of us) and as we were walking around I noticed Peyton slumped over in the stroller, fast asleep!  She’s never fallen asleep in the stroller before but I guess we were having too much fun and it just wore her out!

Peyton is so joyful!  She is smart and funny (if at only 1 year old!) and she loves unconditionally.  I can’t believe she’s already O N E but I am so excited to watch her grow!

Until next time — Cindy



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