Dear Peyton,

This past year has been amazing and exhausting and humbling and perfect!  I love (so much) watching you learn new things, process everything around, and love unconditionally.  I can see how much you’re understanding (like saying ‘ba’ for balloon because we’ve been repeating it for you over and over and over again every time you point at one, and shaking your head ‘no’ and saying ‘nanana’ [you must hear that one a lot!]) and developing (like walking with your toy zebra walker, climbing the step from the living room to the hallway, using a spoon as a drumstick, patting my shoulders when you give me a bear hug and feeding Indie your dinner).  You are ornery, funny, independent, and beautiful.

You will always be so special because it was you who made us daddy and mommy.  I don’t think I was ever more excited and terrified of anything than I was of becoming a mommy but you changed our world for the absolute best.  Dada and I (mostly mama recently because dada has a gift of sleeping through almost all of your cries ;)) have spent several sleepless nights pacing the kitchen, rocking in your room and comforting you when you can’t sleep but I know we wouldn’t trade a single day with you for all of the sleep in the world.  You are worth every late night, early morning and restless sleep.  You are worth every worry, every self-doubt and every cold you’ve shared with us.

You might only be one but you are so loving, very generous, extremely smart, and unbelievably happy.  Thank you for blessing our family, Peyton.  Your innocence and the way you see everything with a constant twinkle of wonder in your eye is breathtaking and beautiful, just like you.

I pray that you will always look for and find the joy in every situation, that you see the good in everything and everyone, and that you are the good in the world.  Always know that Jesus loves you, baby girl.

I love you so much,




  1. Cindy, I love reading this post !! IT made me cry and laugh. You guys are amazing parents and I see GREAT things ahead for you <3 kisses & hugs always from me

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