June & Me | 2016

Beachin'! 06.25.2016 #bridgefest #Peyton


loving.  Peyton’s constant kisses, hugs (complete with a pat on the shoulder), and waves.

needing. An outfit for July 4th

wanting. Cute (and comfy!) summer wedges

writing. Blog posts!  I have several posts in the works!

reading. I started reading Outlander that I mentioned in last week’s Thoughts on Thursday.

watching. Big Brother!!  It’s back on for the summer and I am hooked!

listening. Lauren Daigle.  I should clarify it’s the Lauren Daigle Pandora station but I just love her songs!

wishing. I could be consistent with running.

feeling. Hopeful and overwhelmed and thankful.

craving.  More time outside than stuck inside at work

cooking.  Nothing.  Forest does the cooking BUT this recipe looks yummy so I think we’ll try it next week!

eating.  Watermelon!  And smoothies.  so good!

drinking. Water.  All day.  Every day.

smelling. Fresh cut grass.

working on. Editing pictures.  For our 2015 family book (it’s almost done!) AND my 2016 365 photo project.

wearing.  Summer dresses!

date night. 06.17.2016 #DashboardConfessional


Peyton turned O N E at the beginning of this month!  We had a fun little party to celebrate!

Forest’s 2nd father’s day was quiet and cool but (I think) perfect for him.

We took our family pictures this month.  Something we’ll continue for many more years.  Well, I don’t know if we will always take our own pictures but we’ll get updated family pictures.

I wrote a little letter to Peyton.  It’s something I want to do every year around her birthday.

I just found a post I had saved in my drafts from the beginning of June so I just published it this week – you can find it here.  You’ll want to check out the adorable pictures of Peyton and Indie.



  1. Dig into studying Acts. The past home group sessions have been spent diving into Acts using Wirsbe’s study guides.  I haven’t been able to go to home groups because our starts right at Peyton’s bedtime but we have the study guides at home since Forest is a leader.  I’ve started studying several times the past several months but I really need to just dig into it!
  2. Organize our books and sort our papers. I read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and the first step is clothing which we went through and donated 1 HUGE bag of clothing from our dressers and closets in March or April.  The next step is books and papers and I’ve been avoiding this tidying because we have papers everywhere in our house.  I know I’ll feel better and we’ll be more organized after I tackle this task but man…. It’s gonna be a tough one.
  3. Practice/get familiar with using my 70-200mm lens. I have TWO weddings that I’m photographing in July and I’ve read that this lens is critical for the ceremony as a way to stay out of guests view but still get the images you need.  I’m a little intimidated but I’m going to drag Forest and Peyton to a local park so I can get some practice using it.
  4. Visit the library.  I started reading Outlander (as I mentioned above) but I just borrowed the eBook through our library that I’m reading on my iPad.  I think I’d like to have a short, cute beach read to kinda carry along with me.

Until next time — Cindy


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