A weekend with friends + Peyton has a new bestie!

Two weekends ago we had friends visiting from IN.  It was a visit that I had been looking forward to because it would be our first time meeting little Aiden!  He’s 8 months old and pretty solid (I think he weighs as much if not more than Peyton who is 4 months older) but he has the absolute best smile, the quietest voice and the sweetest giggle.  And we were asked at least two different times if Peyton and Aiden were twins.  Adorable!

So on Friday we spent the day in Philly.  We did lunch at Campo’s for pretty amazing Philly cheesesteaks (and it’s just a few blocks from the Liberty Bell!) and took some pictures in front of Independence Hall.  We saw the Liberty Bell up close, walked by Independence Hall and found a shaded spot on the lawn next to the Liberty Bell.  Peyton and Aiden spent some time out of the strollers stretching their legs and hugging trees.
















We made sure to climb the Philadelphia Museum of Art stairs (the Rocky stairs) before we headed home.

Rocky statue in Philly. 06.24.2016 #philly #PeytonandAiden

We made it to the top! 06.25.2016 #philly #Peyton #Rocky

We spent all of Saturday at the beach!  BridgeFest was happening at Ocean Grove so that’s where were camped out for the day.  Megan brought a small inflatable pool that Lauren filled with water and the babies loved it.  They were splashin’ and relaxin’ like it was nobody’s business!  Megan helped Aiden dip his toes in the ocean but Peyton wanted nothing to do with the water.  She really doesn’t like the sand either.  (She’s pretty cautious about new things so I think she’ll come around to the waves and the sand between her toes eventually.)  Both babies crashed as we walked down the beach and napped for an hour or more in the tent/sun shade that Megan brought (she was SO prepared!).  Forest made several offers to Megan to buy the tent/sun shade but it was a no-go (although she said it was on sale at Aldi’s so we need to scope one out asap!).












Sunday was our day to relax and recuperate from being on the go so much.  I think we spent most of our time watching Shark Week shows.  We took a short walk in the afternoon and wouldn’t you know that neighbors around the corner had just set out a jumper and a walker on the curb to be taken FOR FREE and Megan was in the market for a walker!  As we were analyzing the walker the guy poked his head out the door to say it was only used 2 days because it was purchased on vacation and then 2 days later the baby started walking!  It was so stinking cute, too!  I’d say that’s a pretty awesome (and free!) souvenir that will get tons of use by Aiden!





We were asked if they are twins at least 2 times this weekend! 06.26.2016 #PeytonandAiden #Peyton #twinning #blondebabies

Megan, Lauren & Aiden left around 5 on Sunday evening for the long drive back to Indiana.  I’m so happy they were able to make it out!  We sure do miss our IN friends but I’m so glad some choose to spend their vacation time with us!

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore


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