Thoughts on Thursday – 7.07.2016

Happy Thursday, friends!  I hope your short work week has been flying!

We don’t have many plans this weekend which will be nice since our week has been busy!

Peyton had her 1-year well-visit appointment this week (yes, she’s 13 months… our schedule was thrown when she had bronchitis + a dr vacation).  She’s healthy and growing (20 lbs 5 oz) and happy and really, that’s all we can pray for!

What did you all do over the July 4th weekend?  Did you spend it with family?  In the yard, next to the grill?  Firework shows?  Out and about at the zoo (that’s what we did!!)?  Whatever it was, I hope you had a great time celebrating Independence Day!

Pictures from 2 weekends ago posted earlier this week.

We had an ice cream truck at work this afternoon as an employee appreciation event.  I got a cone with vanilla ice cream and rainbow sprinkles and it was delicious!  Especially in the heat + humidity we’ve had this week.

How Long It Takes Kids to Read These Popular Children’s Books

I mentioned in my JUNE & ME | 2016 post that one of my goals is to sort through and organize our books and papers in July.  I started one night this week with the desk, which we could barely see the surface of, and it felt SO good.  Paper clutter is so distracting!  I’m ready to tackle another surface now!

Forest and I built a small bonfire in our backyard Sunday night and made s’mores (with reese’s!!).  It was a gorgeous evening and, as we sat in our chairs watching Indie chase a lone lightening bug, we got even MORE excited about our vacation in August.  We’re renting a cabin (without AC) on a lake for a week!  Sun and sand by day, bonfires and lightening bugs at night!

We made a quick trip to look at some bike trailers so we can start going on family bike rides.  Yay!

Looking at buying a pet car seat cover so Indie won’t fall off of the seat while we’re driving with her.

A good read about jealousy and comparison.

If you missed it, check out this post from last week.  It’s a sentimental and gushy letter to Peyton and if you’re not into that kind of stuff, just skip it!


Until next time — Cindy



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