Thoughts on Thursday – 7.14.2016

Peyton’s daycare has an Ice Cream Social during pick-up hours so Forest is going to head this way and we’ll go together to pick up Peyton and have some ice cream.

Speaking of Peyton’s daycare – they did summer pictures last week and we got the proofs back for ordering.  We have 3 poses to choose from and Peyton is either about to cry or crying in all 3 of them.  Sigh…. I can’t decide if it’s worth purchasing a package because I’m super sentimental when it comes to firsts (her first school pictures!!) but to spend so much money (why are they so expensive?!) on a picture of her crying….?

My brother is getting married next weekend!! I can’t believe we’re in the single digits for their countdown!

My mom sent me a picture of my dad and cousin building a play house out at my Grandma’s this week.  I was thinking a cute little play house for little kids to play in (my nephew who will be using it is only 2) but no.  It’s the size of a small shed!  And my Grandma even bought real windows for the thing!  Go big, right?!

Forest and I rented 2 movies from Redbox last weekend – Maze Runner The Scorch Trials and Pitch Perfect 2.  I enjoyed watching the Scorch Trials even though, from what I can remember, it was nothing like the books.  And we both agreed that Pitch Perfect 2 was eh…. we were a little disappointed.

Big Brother this week, guys!  Are you watching?!  Forest really likes Frank even though it seems like the whole house is against him.  I don’t think I have a favorite necessarily but Nicole, James and Paulie are probably at the top of my list.  Even though I don’t think all 3 will make it to the finale.

A super cute DIY, kid-friendly placemat.

I only have a handful of summer dresses that I’ve been wearing on repeat.  I normally choose shorts and a cute shirt but I only have 2 pairs of shorts that I like the way they fit.  Anyway, I’m digging the summer dresses this year so I’d like to add a few more and I recently saw this one that’s cute!

I started working out this week – I’m doing T25 at home.  Holy smokes, my legs are feeling it!  We’ve had the DVD’s for a few years but I’ve done almost nothing in the way of exercise since before I got pregnant with Peyton in 2014 so…. wowza!

Oh 2015 family Mixbook came in the mail this week!  I ordered it a few weeks ago when they had a 50% off code to use at checkout so I’ll make sure to get some pictures to share.  I’ll go ahead and say that this is the best quality Mixbook that we’ve ever gotten.  The pages feel really nice, they have a good weight to them, and the overall quality is amazing.  Love it!  (And no, this post is not sponsored, just sharing a product that we love!)

And lastly, I’m headed to PA on Saturday to photograph some new pieces that Haute Mess Restorations will be listing soon!

Enjoy your weekend!

Until next time — Cindy



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