Thoughts on Thursday – 7.21.2016


Did you read our big news from this week?!

And since you’re up to date on that, here’s an article that I (mostly) agree with because this is one question I don’t/didn’t know how I would respond to – “You’re a stay at home mom?  What do you DO all day?”

Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday so I’m going to shout a quick H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y! to him!  I hope your day is wonderful!

Simple and natural eyebrows.

Because I’m always adding to my books-to-read list (even though it takes me forever to actually read any of those books!): Best books of the Decade: 2010’s

Speaking of books, I just started a Goodreads account.  I’ll have to wrack my brain for all of the books I’ve read to give reviews and now I can all of my books-to-read lists to one place!

Forest and I started watching O.J.: Made in America this week.  I don’t remember much about the whole ordeal with O.J. except the police chase and that he was found not guilty but the documentary goes through more than just O.J. and the trial, it documents different events that were happening in America during the same time and it all looks eerily similar to what has been happening recently with all of the violence and hatefulness and it all just breaks my heart… I almost feel like I’ve become numb to the countless deaths and horrific things that are happening around the world.  I see or hear about another murder and it’s almost as if I think “Add that to the list” and go about my day because it’s happening so frequently and I don’t want it to be like that.  We shouldn’t be hearing about terrorists and mass murders and senseless killings every day.  I don’t have much else to say about the topic except that I pray for the families who are grieving, who have lost a loved one, but I’m also praying for a change, for love and kindness to be shown and shared more often than hate and hurting.  Is that too much to ask, friends?

Until next time — Cindy


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