Thoughts on Thursday – 8.04.2016

Hello!  And happy Thursday!  A few things that are on my mind today…

The Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics are tomorrow!  I usually enjoy watching the opening ceremonies and I love watching different competitions throughout the 2 weeks!  U.S.A.!

Today is my first day being home with Peyton on my new part-time schedule.  We’ve had so much fun and we’ve got some house-stuff done too (laundry + pulling some weeds)!  I’ve been looking forward to more time with her!

Peyton and I are headed to meet a friend at Costco this afternoon.  It’s my first time (I know… where have I been?!) but I want to check things out before I dish out $$ for a membership.  I’ve generally only heard good things (and the ‘bad’ things were minor little things about what products are available) so we’ll see if this trip will persuade me to get a membership!

Speaking of part-time, my position at work has already been filled internally.  But get this!  My replacement went to the same college as me and graduated only 1 year after me!  BUT!  He doesn’t look familiar to me nor I to him!  Weird, right?  Forest thinks it’s impossible.  What a small world, though, huh?!

Did you catch yesterday’s Forest Says?

And speaking of Forest!  He’s set to finish his Master’s degree in December and we’re already planning a trip down to Atlanta so he can walk at graduation!  You can bet on Peyton and I cheering him on from the audience!

Until next time — Cindy


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