Thoughts on Thursday – 9.01.2016


This month has a lot of things to look forward to!  First, it’s my birthday month!  And the start of Fall! Fall is easily my favorite season but for some reason I don’t want it to be here yet…. I’m hoping the last couple weeks of the summer season are sunny and warm and we can squeeze in a couple more beach days.  AND this will be my last month working in an office (outside of the home).  AAAAAND (as if there could be anything more exciting!) I’m planning a few fun things for Captured by Cindy Photography!

Dancing with the Stars revealed their new line-up of stars this week!  And I surprisingly know a lot of them!

Forest and I are already thinking about next year’s vacation (our vacation post goes LIVE tomorrow so make sure to check back in!).  I’ve mentioned in a previous Thoughts on Thursday post about this family’s THREE MONTH trek across the US and I think renting an Airstream would be so much fun.  (Although there might be cheaper alternatives/equivalents?)  And I’m not opposed to camping.  I’ve been bugging Forest to go camping since we moved to NJ (almost) 5 years ago but we don’t have any camping gear.

I’m looking to get Peyton a new pair of shoes now that she’s walking and I think these NIKE are adorable!  And so is this New Balance pair!  Although I’ve never understood buying expensive shoes for toddler’s who grow like weeds so these are just dreams of mine.  Unless I find a killer deal, of course!  :)

I found a local splash pad/splash park that I think I’ll try to plan for Peyton a play date next week.  For New Jersey residents, it’s located in Colts Neck.

I’ve set a goal for our family to lower our monthly grocery budget (without couponing, hopefully.  Nobody’s got time for that!) and I found this website as a great resource.

Unsubscribing from emails is the worst but my inbox is full of junk so it’s a necessary task today.

That’s all for today, friends!  My mom, mother-in-law and sister-in-law are coming to visit for the long weekend and we’re so excited to have them!  Enjoy your labor day!

Until next time — Cindy


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