Thoughts on Thursday – 9.15.2016

Today is my last day at work and I’m oozing joy!  I will miss seeing everyone at work but I am so excited to start this new adventure of photographer and stay at home mama!  (Read more in this post.)

Kids can wear their own drawings!

I’m working on a post of Peyton’s current favorite toys (at 15 months) but this shape sorter is at the top of the list!

I like to read blogs.  I read them for awhile before I started my own.  And I love the series a group of bloggers did sharing pictures of their houses in their current (messy) state.  It’s tough living in a Pinterest world and thinking your house is the only one with toys everywhere, mail on the counter, and dishes in the sink but these ladies are keeping it real!  I started with Bower Power Blog’s post and clicked through to look at the messes in the other 5 homes!

My BIRTHDAY is this weekend!  I’m so excited to spend a day celebrating with my family!

I just learned about this FREE online photography conference next week.  There are several photographers on the list that I’d love to hear so I’m excited to catch a few of their sessions!

Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Until next time — Cindy


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