Thoughts on Thursday – 9.22.2016

Happy fall!  Officially!  I just finished decorating and I’m attempting to find some fall candles.  I could have sworn we still had some from last year.

Check out a few pictures from a beautiful evening last week.

Gossip that I’m sure you’ve already heard – Brad and Angelina are splitting.

I made a pot of coffee yesterday morning (we have the tiniest coffee pot so it made a total of 2 cups) but it was absolutely terrible.  I admit that I haven’t made coffee in several months but making coffee isn’t rocket science.  Or at least I didn’t think it was!

Tomorrow will mark one whole week home of being home with Peyton!  We have had so much fun – counting, ABC’s, reading, story time at the library, a trip to the park, visiting my old office (yes, not even a week after my last day we went to visit the ladies I worked with!).

I’ve been making my way through the house, piling items into a few boxes (and mentally making note of bigger items) for a yard sale we plan to have in a few weeks.

And speaking of boxes, I packed up all of Peyton’s 12 month clothes and added it to the mountain of totes in the basement.  She could still fit into a few shirts, dresses, and pants (even at almost 16 months) but for the most part she’s outgrown all of them so I cleared out her dresser!

I just learned about Swagbucks.  Have you heard of it?  Is it worth it to join?  Let me know in the comments below!

We plan on going to a BBQ Showdown Sunday afternoon.  Forest has the huge flyer posted on our refrigerator so we don’t forget!

Until next time – Cindy


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