Around the house | Summer 2016

We have officially entered fall and even though the temps hover between 75 and 80 degrees most days, I’m beginning to welcome the thought of cooler mornings, a nice breeze coming through open windows in the afternoon, and apple cider!

But before I say goodbye to Summer 2016 forever, I wanted to make sure I document our house at the end of the season.  As I look through these pictures, however, I realize that most of them are Peyton’s little spots around the house OR a few pictures that haven’t changed since we moved into the house.  Nevertheless, I assume Peyton will be playing with {mostly} different toys this time next year (when we’ll have a 2 year old!!) so having this documented to know what toys she enjoys at the moment is perfect for me!

Documenting our spring/summer shelves since I just pulled out the fall decor! 09.20.2016  #bringonthefall




^the book on the right is one we got on our Adirondack vacation last month





^I recently hung my Mother’s Day gift beside the mirror in our bedroom and I love seeing it there every day.  Usually multiple times a day.


^successfully cropped out the mess on the desk – you’re welcome, really.


The day I took pictures I gave Peyton a crayon and piece of paper hoping she’d scribble her little heart out.  She did scribble but there were also numerous attempts to eat the crayon so that didn’t last long.

Until next time — Cindy


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