Thoughts on Thursday – 9.29.2016

Hi again friends!  Happy Thursday to ya!

We’ve had rainy/gloomy weather all week and it’s expected to continue through the weekend.  I think Peyton and I are both feeling the effects of a lack of vitamin D so we’ll be super happy when the sunshine decides to make an appearance again.

This morning, after Forest left and we had read 3 of her 4 new books, Peyton and I headed to Target (since we couldn’t go to the park or play outside).  We didn’t have anything to buy, I just let her wander around the toy and book aisles and she had the best time!  She made a new friend near the Doc McStuffins toys and she couldn’t walk away from the inflatable pumpkin in the Halloween section.  She was completely in love with a pair of boys Pikachu PJ’s and continually said uh-oh when we walked by clothes on the floor (she didn’t stop uh-oh’s until I hung the clothes back up!).  She was so upset when we had to leave so I think I know the perfect remedy for gloomy and/or cold weather.

My favorite beauty/lifestyle blogger, Kate at The Small Things Blog, just cut bangs for herself and they are absolutely adorable!  I only wish that my bangs had ever looked have as cute!  I actually thought about getting bangs a couple months ago but I’ve never liked them so I can’t bring myself to get them again…

This is Us.  Are you watching this new show?  If you aren’t, you’re only 2 episodes behind and you need to follow the link (I’ll share it again right HERE if you need it) and get caught up.  So good.

I started a new series on my photography blog – be sure to check it out every week!

This article has some interesting ideas for re-purposing household items but I found the link through Pinterest for #17 – turning the barstool into a side table/night stand (I also found this cute paint idea instead of a solid color!).  We have 2 of the exact same barstools from my apartment before we were married that haven’t gotten much use and I’ve been itching to turn them into night stands.  I want to use what we have so they’ll either be black or blue (the same blue as our kitchen) but I’ll make sure I post pictures when it’s done.  Hopefully I get around to it in October.

Have a wonderful weekend, guys!!

Until next time — Cindy


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