September & Me | 2016


loving. my time at home with Peyton.


wanting. to be more open to serving + hospitality.

writing. my weekly wrap-up for my Captured By Cindy Photography blog.

reading. 1 John for our home group.  Outlander – Dragonfly in Amber.

watching. This is Us.  you should be watching it too.

listening. Disney Pandora.

wishing. the sun would come back!

feeling. waaaaaaaay behind on editing personal pictures.

craving. chocolate cake.  for absolutely no reason.

cooking. meals in the crock-pot recently.  they’re so easy and have been yummy!

eating. we had this white chicken chili last week.  mmmm….

drinking. water!

smelling. warm apple candle.

working on. budgeting.

wearing. sweaters!! and layers!! yay fall!


Our upstate NY vacation to Lake Placid – part 1, part 2.

I didn’t dedicate a whole post to it but September was a huge milestone – It’s the month I left my full-time office job and because a full-time stay at home mommy & photographer!

MY BIRTHDAY was in September!  Another year older but it just keeps getting better!

I started a new series on my photography blog.  Make sure you check it out and continue to check in every week!

Preeeeeeetty evening light in our backyard.

A peek around our house – summer 2016.

For my local, central New Jersey readers – I am currently booking fall mini sessions for one day only – Saturday October 22nd!  I would love to capture your families precious fall memories.  Email for more details!


  1. Rummage sale!  We have everything in a pile in the basement + asked our neighbors if we can borrow a 6 ft folding table so now it’s just a matter of having good weather on a Saturday!
  2. Print pictures for my 2016 365 project.  I have the photo album that I’ll be using (it’s similar to what I used for last year’s 52-project) but I have zero pictures printed so far. (copied from July + August….)
  3. Pull together a solid list of activities that Peyton and I can do together during the day.  Learning things – colors, letters, numbers, words, etc.  I know she’s only 16 months but just this week she learned to tell us what a horse says (she’s always been able to repeat the ‘neigh’ sound but now if I point out a horse she automatically says ‘neigh’.  She knows the sounds for a cow, dog, and sheep too!!)  She’s absorbing so much but I want to find specific activities that we can do.  Or that she can do independently which is still a little difficult because everything goes straight to her mouth.)
  4. Rock my fall mini sessions!

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore



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