Forest Says – Vol. 15

Last week was a long week and I totally skipped out on posting a thoughts on thursday but here were are with another volume of Forest Says for your Monday morning!  I hope your weekend was marvelous.  I know hurricane Matthew was wreaking havoc on part of the country to so we’ve been praying that things are ok, as much as they can be.



During a Jillian Michaels’ workout

JM: you want to wear those strapless dresses, don’t you?!

Forest: yeah!!


F:  Man…. I have a knot in my shoulder.

C:  Why?

F:  Because I’m just so strong.  That’s what happens when you’re as strong as me.  Muscles just do whatever they want.


Watching Running Wild (if you aren’t watching this show, you should be!  we usually end up binge-watching several episodes On Demand) with Marshawn Lynch

ML:  I don’t think humans are supposed to be up this high unless they’re in an airplane.

F:  I agree.  I wouldn’t do that.

C:  You wouldn’t do this with Bear?

F:  I would with Bear because I trust that he knows what he’s doing.  But that’s not something you do for fun!


Overhearing a little girl talking to her mom as they got of their car at church

Little girl:  …and when they ask if anyone has offering I’ll be able to raise my hand!

C: Crap… Speaking of offering, I forgot to write a check this morning.

F:  Watch your language.  Just because that girl is a better Christian than us doesn’t mean you use foul language.


To me, wearing boot cut jeans and a Dashboard Confessional baseball-style tee

F:  You look so….. high school today.

C: oh yeah?

F:  Yeah.  I glanced over while you were in the fridge and thought “Is that high school Cindy?”


After I threw together a ‘fall trail mix’ of candy corn, peanuts and red hots (thinking of you Brooke :))

F:  I don’t know why you bought that stuff.  It’s not healthy for us and you know we’re weak!


Asking for his opinion on what necklace I should order to replace the one I lost sometime last year

F:  You should probably think about whoever is going to find the necklace after you.  What will they want?


and just a little reminder for any NJ people reading – I am currently booking fall mini sessions!!

Until next time — Cindy


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