Pumpkin Patch | October 2016

We ventured to our favorite pumpkin patch – Cheesequake Farm – this weekend!  I was so excited to see how Peyton would react seeing all of the pumpkins!

I was really looking forward to sharing all of the cute pictures we took (because Peyton’s reaction was so cute!) but I was taking pictures off of my camera – 2 weeks worth! – and I missed copying over our pumpkin patch pictures before I erased my memory card… Ahhhhhhh! I did get a few pictures of Peyton on my phone at least so I’ll be sharing those.

We went straight for the hayride back to the pumpkin patch while we all snacked on a couple animal crackers!  Peyton is a people person so she loved waving at the people sitting across from us.

Peyton looooved trampling through the vines!  She got caught and fell a few times but got right back up, brushed her hands off, and went right on trampling.  We would stop a few times to check out pumpkins and I would touch one and ask her “What do you think about this one?” and she’d come over to rub and pat it and move on.  She pointed out all of the white ones and would yell “Ball!”

Forest did pretty good this year!  He only swapped out his pumpkin maybe 3 times.  Which is probably a record!  Although as we were getting back on the hayride to the front, he mentioned that he didn’t get to adequately search one portion of the patch and he questioned if he actually had the best pumpkin.

When we got back to the front we grabbed a cart for our pumpkins and went to see the animals they had.  Peyton could not get enough of the chickens and geese.  She would have stood at the fence for hours if we hadn’t convinced her that there were horses to see.  Anytime she sees a horse she ‘neeeeeeighs’ as loud as she can.  Cutest thing!  She actually wasn’t as interested as we thought she would have been so we headed back to the chickens.  She loved exploring the displays that were set up inside as well.  Animals are her jam so we made sure to point every one that she knew the noise for.

We picked up a bottle of apple cider on our way out and it was delicious!

I’m so glad we make a point to do this every year!  It’s such a fun tradition to go pick our own pumpkins and I look forward to it every October.

Until next time — Cindy


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