Halloween 2016

Last year for Halloween Peyton was a Colt’s cheerleader for the parade at daycare and then we dressed her up as a Dalmatian to help us pass out candy.

This year, I made Peyton’s Halloween costume.  She was an adorable little strawberry (and the supplies to make it only cost $10 – a t-shirt, black and green felt, thread (I bought a new spool of black thread) and red tulle (I used a head band I already had for the elastic waist of the tutu) – all from Hobby Lobby!)  Here’s an in-progress shot – I had finished the tutu and her try that on while I cut out and pinned the seeds on her shirt.

Peyton's strawberry costume is coming along! Her tutu is done and I'll be spending  the rest of my evening sewing on these seeds. Next are a few leaves for around the neck of the shirt and we should be good to go! 10.26.2016 #Peyton #diystrawberrycostume

We took Peyton to a trunk-or-treat just down the road hosted by the local police department.  I thought she might be shy about going up to different decorated trunks and people in costumes.  Who am I to think our little girl would be shy?  She walked right up to every last trunk to pick out candy and most of the time she would pick a second and third piece!

Aberdeen Police trunk or treat. 🍓10.29.2016 #Peyton #diystrawberrycostume #happyhaloween

On Halloween, I took Peyton trick-or-treating around the block and down the street.  We went while it was still daylight so Forest was still at work.  Our neighbor’s across the street loaded up her little pail with all kinds of treats (Oreo’s, gummies, goldfish) and at every house we stopped at she would walk right up and either take the candy they handed her or, if they let her pick her own, she would pick one and then rummage around for a few more!  Everyone thought it was the cutest thing that she just kept pulling pieces of candy to put in her bucket.  We had been practicing saying trick-or-treat but the most I could get out of her was an exaggerated ‘tttt’ but she did always say ‘thank you’ so at least she’s polite!

^munching on pretzels while we pass out candy

On her tippy-toes looking to see if dada is home yet. ❤️ 10.31.2016 #Peyton #diystrawberrycostume #waitingfordada

^peeping to see if dada is home yet

We spent the rest of the evening passing out candy to kids and thankfully gave most of it away.  Last year I remember we still had so much left over!

Forest and I ate most of Peyton’s candy but we did let her try several different kinds and yes, she’s a fan.  She also can’t resist mini-Oreo’s, goldfish and pretzels.

I’ll go ahead and throw in a few pictures of our pumpkin carvings this year.  We didn’t carve pumpkins until the night before Halloween but at least they were on the porch for all the trick-or-treaters to see!  And we got at least one compliment from a cute little guy so it was worth it!

Peyton was all about getting her hands inside the pumpkin to pull out the guts and yuck.  (I don’t know why I’m always surprised when she does these things!)  Of course, dada was right there to help pull out the majority but she loved playing it in and helping me pick it up off the table to put in the trash bags.  We didn’t let Peyton do any of the actual carving (sharp knives!) but the end result of our pumpkins is so cute!

^I did the Frankenstein, Peyton’s is the little ghost, and Forest’s is the bigger ghost

Until next time — Cindy


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