Thoughts on Thursday | 3.02.2017

It is March 2 and I decided to clean the dust off of this little blog of mine.  I haven’t been the best at blogging since I left work in September to stay at home for our growing family and focus on my photography business (which needs more attention….) and 2017 has rocked our family like you wouldn’t believe (and unfortunately not in a good way…) but here I am.  I’ll kick things off with a Thoughts on Thursday because it happens to be Thursday and I’ve got to start somewhere.

I’m really hoping that this is a lot like riding a bike – you never really forget how to do it, you just have to jump back on the bike and get going.

Today is Dr. Seuss’ birthday!  And speaking of Dr. Seuss, Peyton’s 1st birthday party was themed Dr. Seuss (read more/see all the pictures in this post) and I saw the cutest Dr. Seuss themed clothes at Target this week.  I guess we were ahead of the trend!!  I didn’t buy anything because we are attempting to spend our money wisely and Forest said “I can’t believe you didn’t buy any of those outfits for Peyton” to which I replied “I’ll be right back!” and ran to the store for 2 outfits, one for her Easter basket and one for her birthday.

I’m headed to a friend’s house tomorrow morning to meet her new little girl that was born last month.  This will be their 2nd baby so, even though their 2nd isn’t quite a month old yet, I’m hoping to get as much advice as I can about bringing home a new baby to our toddler!

Indie is recovering from a surgery she had almost 2 weeks ago.  She needed her “floating” knee cap fixed (an injury she’s had for awhile).  We thought this would be the perfect timing because it’s before baby #2 arrives AND it’s winter so the weather is cold and we’re inside 98% of the time.  But Mother Nature thought she’d be funny, I guess, and we’ve had temperatures in the 50’s most of these 2 weeks with several days being in the 70’s!  In February!  This wouldn’t sound like so much of a complaint if we weren’t under Dr’s orders to have her resting and quiet inside.  Siiiigh.  We did sneak outside this week with a blanket to lay on when the weather was warm.  Peyton, Indie and I have really enjoyed being outside!

Peyton is potty trained!  Well mostly.  She still wears a diaper for nap time and at night but she’s completely diaper free during the day!  We started potty training at the beginning of February (at 20 months old) and she caught on quickly.  And she even used the big potty at the library this week so that was new and exciting for us!  I’m so proud of my little girl!

This month marks 3 years of owning our home!  I can’t believe it’s already going on 3 years and yet it feels like we’ve always lived here.  Forest and I watch Fixer Upper every week (we love us some Chip and Joanna!) and were recently discussing what renovations we would do to our house if we have the time/money for them.  My top picks were fixing the creaky floors, properly insulating the den so it’s not the same temperature as the outside, and replacing the laminate floor in our living room and the tile in our kitchen.  He said fixing the sprinklers in the front yard and brought up the idea of removing the wall between our den and living room to make our main living space bigger but I’ve always liked the idea of a separate den.  So we have a quiet(er) place to work if we need it but it also helps to have closed doors that we can hide our mess behind!

I’m gathering ideas for Peyton’s new room.  We’ll be moving her from the nursery to the 3rd bedroom at the end of the month/beginning of April so she has time to adjust to a new room before baby #2 comes along in June.  I showed Forest some ideas for an area rug in there and he’s not totally convinced we need a rug.  I want one – I prefer the soft rug under my feet than just hardwood – especially since Peyton will (hopefully) want to spend more time playing in there.  The jury is still out but if I were the betting kind, I’d bet that we get one.  :)

I’m making a quilt for baby #2 – see Instagram photo below!  I have all of the pieces cut and I’ve practiced with the sewing machine on scrap fabric so I’m ready to start sewing tonight!  I’m nervously excited!

I mentioned that 2017 has rocked our family – my mom is now walking with Jesus, free of all the physical pain she felt here on Earth – and there’s so much I feel like I should write about it but the words just don’t want to come together.  Maybe one day I’ll be able to express all of my thoughts and feelings into a cohesive post.  Maybe they’ll just stay in my heart.  Either way, I know my mom would want me to continue writing this little blog – she loved reading it and would always encourage me to keep going.  My posts always seem kinda trivial when I think about it now (the random rambling posts like this one), especially when there are so many people going through really tough life situations.  I guess that’s why I’ve stayed away for so long.  I pray for the people and families that are going through tough stuff right now – I know there’s a lot.  I pray that they’re able to find comfort in family and friends and in the loving arms of Jesus and His Word.

Well I ended that on a really heavy note but it’s where my heart is right now.

Until next time — Cindy


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