Thoughts on Thursday | 3.16.2017

Welcome to Thursday, friends!  I hope your week has been wonderful and that you have awesome plans for the weekend.

Parenting memes.  #54 was me yesterday.

I did it.  I fell victim to fantasy sports.  Fantasy baseball to be exact.  We had our draft Sunday night and the regular season starts April 2.  I’m looking forward to winning, I’m very confident even though I know very little about most of my players.  :)

Just read this bit of news: “the producers behind the popular Serial podcast are releasing all seven episodes of S-Town, their new limited nonfiction series.”  March 28 is the date so I know what I’ll be starting during nap time!

I’ve been playing the Today’s Christian Hits station on Pandora a lot recently and I love it.

Bachelor finale?!  Everyone has watched it, yeah?  I won’t post any spoilers just in case there are a few slackers who haven’t watched and/or heard what happened.  Is it just me or was it obvious who Nick was going to propose to?

Tuesday was Pi Day [3.14] and I didn’t have any pie!  And to top it off, we were getting hit with snow and rain so I couldn’t even go out to get any pie!  But I enjoyed looking through this post from enjoying Pi Day with my parents last year.

Forest sent me this little article about a study that shows how dogs use deception to get treats.  My favorite line is the last sentence- “Rest assured, dog lovers: your pooches may be sneaky, but they still love you more than cats.”  [no offense crazy cat people!]

Peyton’s new favorite game is hide & seek.  Forest put a twist on it this week and he hides her Minnie Mouse for her to find – Peyton’s so good at finding her too!  Oh, and she loves being outside in the snow, too.  Just a few months ago I had to bribe her to get outside when there was snow on the ground but she asks me every day to go outside.  As long as it’s not windy, we go!

And a friendly reminder that tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day.  We aren’t Irish [that we know of] but I bought some Irish Soda bread because Forest has never had it.  I’ve had some homemade bread before and I don’t imagine this store bought kind will be anywhere as good but Forest can say he’s tried it now.

Until next time — Cindy


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