Mommy Letters | To Peyton

Dear Peyton,

You are growing into such a big girl!  And there are so many things about this time, this age, that I don’t want to forget.  I want to remember how smart and brave you are.  I want to remember how funny and loud you are.  I want to remember how you want Mama and Dada to comfort you when you’re hurt and that you love giving kisses, hugs and taking family selfies.

We spent our morning grocery shopping and unloading the groceries.  I’m not sure which you like helping with more – carrying bags inside or putting groceries on the pantry shelf.  You always ask ‘more?’ just hoping I’ll have something else you can carry or help with.  The heavy things you say are ‘big!’

You know 2 colors – blue and pink.  Pink is your current favorite even though everything was blue for awhile.

Potty training is going so well!  You haven’t had an accident in a few weeks.  And we haven’t used pull-ups, even while we’re out.  You wear your big girl panties and I always remind you to let me know if you have to potty.  Sometimes I think you tell me just because you really like using the big potty.

You’re so excited about your baby sister that’s coming!  When someone asks “Where’s the baby?” you always point to my belly.  Or if you can’t touch mine because I’m too far away, you’ll point to your belly. and say mama.  You like to give kisses to my belly and you are obsessed with all babies – videos on Instagram, any kid or baby we see while we’re out, and even your baby dolls.

Dada was telling me last night that he’s so proud of how you try new things.  He was specifically referring to you climbing small snow mounds in the back yard.  You start to climb it but ask for help and Dada encourages you to try yourself and if you still need help he’ll be right there.  And speaking of playing in the snow, Dada had you sliding down the snow on the steps and you kept climbing and sliding until your hands were like ice!  Dada told me that he’s most excited to help you with things but to encourage your independence and trying things on your own.

You LOVE being outside.  When it was really warm in February we were outside almost every day but I was worried when we got the most recent snow because you wanted nothing to do with the snow or your boots in December and January.  But you surprised me!  And it gets more difficult trying to convince you to come back inside.

I think your favorite thing to do is have tea with Dada.  You ask him to sit at your table every day so you two can have tea.  And you love sitting at the kitchen island with him at lunch time.  You mostly beg for bites of his food but I think it makes you feel special to be sitting so high next to Dada.

You’ve recently started saying ‘Leon’.  You’ve been saying ‘TT’ for Aunt TT for awhile but now that your most favorite video of all time is one of Uncle Leon spinning in circles, you’re saying Uncle Leon’s name as a request to see the video.  And they are the 2 people you talk to most when you pick up your toy phone.

A few more of your favorite things – puzzles, Minnie Mouse, hide-n-seek, animals, books, pasta (food in general), Indie, chatting/talking/singing, dancing to music (you requet it daily), and playing in your crib every morning with the new toy I leave for you and the books on the corner of your dresser.

Oh Peyton, there are so many more little things that you do that I don’t want to forget but I’ll end up with a novel if I were to write all of them out.  The important thing to know is that I love you so much.  I’m so proud of the little girl that you’re growing into.  And I’m looking forward to the even bigger little girl that you will be soon.  You’ll always be my baby girl but Mama and Dada love seeing you grow and learn as much as you can.

I love you,



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