Thoughts on Thursday | 03.23.2017

Why is it only Thursday?  This week hasn’t been exceptionally busy for us but I feel like it should already be Friday!

A few thoughts for your Thursday, though, as we wait for the weekend:

This first one is two-fold, courtesy of Forest.  First, Yuengling doesn’t just make beer.  They also make ice cream.  And they have a BUTTERBEER flavor!  Which won’t mean very much unless you’re a Harry Potter fan.  They only sell it in select stores so I made a trip to one of those stores last night after dinner.  I did find Yuengling ice cream but they didn’t have butterbeer…. I picked up the peanut butter cup and cherry vanilla chunk and we’ll see how they are!

I’d like to get Peyton a pair of rain boots for this spring/summer.  She loves being outside so I want a pair of rain boots that I can just spray off with a hose and not worry about getting her shoes dirty.  Here’s a cute ladybug pair, an octopus/crab pair, and of course a Minnie Mouse pair.

Tums has been my friend in recent weeks.  I have heartburn most evenings so if baby girl doesn’t arrive with a full head of hair, I will be disappointed.

We’ve made a few new meals for dinner this week.  Specifically this Hawaiian chicken with rice and this baked pizza pasta casserole.

I just had a good FaceTime chat/catch up with a girlfriend of mine.  I love her to pieces and I’m so glad to have her as a friend.

I’m gonna go ahead and start planning our long-weekend family vacation (we’ve got a March Madness bet going on again this year).  Forest only has 1 of the final 2 teams left in his bracket so I’m pretty confident I’ll win.  Unless something goes horribly wrong getting to the Elite 8 – there are 2 games that Forest and I have the opposite team winning so they will be crucial!

Forest got me an Instax camera for Christmas and I’ve been wanting a small album to put all of the pictures in.  I found a small 6×6 album my The Paper Studio (similar here) in the clearance section.  So I grabbed it, brought it home, cut craft paper to 4×4 squares to fit into the pages and put my pictures in.  And I.LOVE.IT.

How can you say no when this little girl asks to take a family picture?!  We took the picture below on Sunday and it makes me smile.

Not much but that’s all I got for you this week.  Enjoy your weekend, friends!

Until next time — Cindy



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