Thoughts on Thursday | 03.30.2017

Saturday is April!  And although the saying is “April showers bring May flowers”, Mother Nature got a head start on the April showers.  Yesterday was sunny, though, and we took full advantage of being outside!

A grandpa at Tuesday’s story time at the library has the cutest grandson, he’s about 2 months younger than Peyton, and he knows all of his letters.  I was curious how he learned them all but was too shy to ask.  He must have been reading my mind, however, because he mentioned to me that he watches the tv show on PBS called Super Why!  I set our DVR to record a few episodes.  Peyton doesn’t get a lot of tv/screen time (even though she asks to watch a ‘mov’, aka movie, all the time) but there are some days that we do so we’ll try this show!

The podcast I mentioned a few weeks ago, S-Town, from the producers of the Serial podcast was released on Tuesday.  Has anyone started listening?  I’ve listened to a few during nap time while I work on backing up family photos.  Oh, fair warning that there is plenty of foul language…  It is definitely a different kind of story but I started it so now I have to listen to all of them!

The March Madness tournament isn’t over yet BUT I’ve clearly already won – see picture below.  I’m totally tooting my own horn!  So now I get to plan a weekend getaway and Forest has to drive every single minute of it!  I have a few ideas but as soon as I post this I’m putting my planning hat on!


Last weekend we went double-stroller shopping at Babies-R-Us.  We had a 20% off coupon but a quick Amazon search told us that it would be cheaper to order the same stroller online.  After debating our decision for hours, like I do with every big purchase we make, I finally decided to order the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double stroller.  I ordered it Sunday evening (free shipping) and it was dropped on our doorstep Tuesday afternoon!  We’ll have so many options for how the 2 girls ride in it depending on where we go and it will adjust with them as they grow.

That wasn’t very many thoughts but they were all pretty wordy.

Until next time — Cindy


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