Pregnancy #2 Update

I haven’t posted a single update for this pregnancy and I feel really bad.  Not necessarily for any of you readers but mostly for our little one!  Who knows how long I’ll continue to blog but I don’t want this little baby to feel neglected when she reads through my blog to see several updates throughout Peyton’s pregnancy but only one – at 32 weeks! – of her pregnancy.  So this might be a lengthy post but stick with it!  If you’re interested. :)

So as of today we are at 32 weeks in our pregnancy.  Just under 2 months until our baby girl is expected to arrive!  I had a c-section for Peyton’s delivery (she was breech the entire pregnancy) and although this baby girl has been head down for the few ultrasounds we’ve had, we’re still going to schedule a c-section for her delivery as well.  The doctors said a vbac (vaginal birth after cesarean) is possible for me but there are obviously still some risks involved so we’re taking the repeat c-section route for baby 2.

We announced our pregnancy to our families at the beginning of November, soon after our first ultrasound that confirmed we were pregnant.  I ironed on ‘Big Sis’ on a shirt for Peyton and had her wear it while we FaceTimed with our families.  My mom had the best reaction.  My parents didn’t notice the shirt for the first several minutes and out of nowhere my mom says “What does your shirt say, Peyton?  Big Sis?  Does that say Big Sis?!?!”  Pure excitement!  Forest’s sister and his parents all noticed her shirt right away but were all equally as excited.


And then we share the news with our friends and on facebook on Thanksgiving with a pumpkin announcement.

Pregnancy announcement baby #2

We were told at 22 weeks that we’re having a girl and that she was measuring normal for her gestational age.  Which is every mama’s prayer!  But this pregnancy has felt different – yes, I know all pregnancies are different – and I’ve always thought I was carrying a boy.  Even after the ultrasound at 22 weeks I had a dream that the doctor announced “It’s a boy!” in the delivery room.  Nevertheless, I’ve already picked up a onesie that says “Sisters are best friends”.  I couldn’t find one in Peyton’s size so they would match but you better believe I’ll find 2 matching sister shirts soon!

Oh!  My first thought when we left the hospital after the gender reveal was “I just want them to get along!”  I’ve heard that sister relationships can be tough and I don’t want them to hate each other.  Forest’s first thought was “I’m gonna have to pay for two weddings!”  Followed by “They will be dating at the same time, too.  I need another gun.”  Hahahaha!  Girls, dada will fiercely protect you.  I guarantee it.

For the most part, however, this pregnancy has been normal.  Nausea that was always worse in the evening when I just wanted to relax, always feeling tired and usually falling asleep on the couch by 8:30, and cravings – all the sweets (which I think is an old wives’ tale for a boy…).  I’ve felt good since the beginning of January, pregnancy-wise.  The nausea subsided for the most part at least.  I mostly feel really big even though I’ve only gained 20-ish pounds so far.  Most of my cravings are sweets, like I mentioned.  Chocolate cake, candy bars, cookies.  The most recent one this week was blow pop suckers.  So random!

Forest has been more willing to touch my belly this pregnancy.  If I put his hand on my belly to feel a kick or roll he will leave it there to feel a few more.  He still thinks it’s weird but at least he doesn’t resist.  And he even willingly gave my bump a few kisses when it first made it’s appearance!  Which was a lot sooner than with the first pregnancy.  I guess not having the same ab muscles made me start showing a lot sooner.

Sleep is terrible.  It has been for awhile actually.  Sometimes it even feels non-existent.  I get a few nights of decent sleep followed by a few more of horrible sleep.  My hips hurt so much, even with pillows between my knees.  And I wake up so hot pretty often.  Oh, and multiple trips to the bathroom.  I try to drink most of my water for the day in the morning but I still get up several times at night.  Baby girl is just sitting so low!  I haven’t been able to see her movements until this week.  She’s running out of room so I can see some kicks and rolls near my belly button but I think she’s most comfortable on my bladder.

I made baby girl a quilt – you can see and read all about it here.  And we DO  have a name picked – we even call her by name at home so we can make sure it fits – but we aren’t sharing.  We shared with Peyton but when we heard another girl we still had a couple names picked.  Actually, we had another girl name picked for a long time (even before Peyton was born) but to make a long story short it started with P and we didn’t want to do all P names for our kids.  And the next name we both agreed on and said “that’s it!” is the name one of our friends used for her baby girl so we started brainstorming again.  We had 3 names rolling around and one day at the doctor’s office I saw one of the names on a birth announcement on the wall and fell completely in love with it.  It also goes really well with the middle name that we want to use!

I don’t have maternity leave to look forward to in this pregnancy (staying at home is a full time gig!) but Forest gets 2 weeks of leave from work once the baby is born (he only had 1 week with Peyton’s birth).  And I know we have grandparents coming to stay with us to meet the little one so we’ll have a house full of helping hands!

So now I’ve got some bump pictures to share!  I just took week 32 toay so I don’t have it to share but here’s a good idea of how baby girl has been growing!  Peyton was in at least one picture of almost every week.  She absolutely loves taking them with me!

collage thru 22 weeks

collage 23-30 weeks

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore


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