Thoughts on Thursday | 04.20.2017

So I don’t know if it’s pregnancy related or not but lately I’m able to pull of 3 days (I haven’t tried more than that) without washing my hair!  And to make it even more awesome, I don’t have to use dry shampoo!  It HAS to be related to pregnancy hormones because I’ve never been able to go 2 days even using dry shampoo.

A cute compilation of spring jackets under $50.

We’re getting our basement fixed the beginning of next week.  We’ve had a couple bouts of water coming in after hard rains.  Forest has graded the dirt away from the house, cleaned the gutters, extended the downspout but we had more water come in last month so we pulled the trigger and we’re having a company come install drains around the whole basement and a sump pump to get the water out!  It’s only a 2 day process but I’m not looking forward to re-finishing the basement.  Although I am glad that we’re doing everything BEFORE baby #2 comes and it will help ease my mind on if there is any mold lurking on the backside of the drywall down there.  My task for the rest of this week is solely focused on getting the basement closet cleared out and making room in our den for as much stuff that we can fit in there from the basement.  We were told all of the heavy things can just be moved to the middle of the room so that’s a relief – the couch and new shelves we just installed don’t have to come upstairs!

I’ll have an Easter post coming at you next week!

Forest’s softball games started back up this week.  Peyton and I went but only watched about 30 seconds – she was too busy running up and down a hill, playing with someone’s dog, and asking a lady in the stands for a piece of pineapple that she brought with her.  The lady was really sweet and didn’t mind at all but goodness, who are her parents?! ;)

A few more pictures from my 2017 project 52.

I started a prayer journal last week.  It’s nothing more than writing down my praises and prayers for each day.  And when a prayer is answered, I highlight it and write down the day it was answered.  I really want to focus on praying more and seeing my prayers answered, no matter how small they seem.  I see God working daily but having things written down will help me on days that I don’t feel like anything is going right

I picked up “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” at a garage sale a few weekends ago and it took awhile to get going but I’m intrigued to see how things play out!  It’s turning out to be a pretty good mystery.

Today marks 3 months since my mom passed away.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her.  Last night we had taco ring for dinner, a recipe I remember getting from her.  And I always smile when I drain the grease from the hamburger – I do it just how I always watched my mom do it.  Forest thinks it takes too long but it’s what I know and I’ll never change it.  I had a dream last night (dreams have seemed pretty rare this pregnancy) that I met my mom for dinner while we were on vacation somewhere.  Just the two of us.  We ordered our food and 1.5 hours later we realized we didn’t have our food yet.  We complained to the waitress, who wasn’t helping our table, and left to grab chili and nachos from the bar in the hotel lobby.  I don’t remember any of those things happening in real life ever (1.5 hour wait for food?, dinner at a hotel?) but it was just me and my mom and I can imagine we had a great story to tell everyone!

Sunday evening, our neighbors across the street brought over ham they had made for Easter.  We ate it Monday for a quick dinner before Forest’s softball game and Forest’s comment was “This is just like Christmas!  Reheated ham, baked beans, veggies.  We’re just missing the roll!”

Until next time — Cindy



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