Thoughts on Thursday | 04.27.2017

Happy last Thursday in April!

Me and this silly girl are going to get a free cone at Carvel today when she wakes up from her nap!

We had drains and a sump pump installed in our basement Tuesday.  There is dust everywhere, even upstairs, which I’m not excited about cleaning.  BUT Peyton and I watched water gush out of the sump pump pipes a few times yesterday afternoon and I feel so much better knowing that water isn’t trying to get into the living space of our finished basement anymore.  Forest has a bit of work ahead of him to refinish the basement but we’re hoping it will be all done and everything put back in place before our baby girl gets here at the beginning of June.

Peyton got new bath toys and bubbles in her Easter basket but she has had complete melt downs when we put them in the bath with her.  Red face, screaming, the whole bit.  We haven’t tried the new bath toys again yet but Forest finally got her to like having bubbles in her bath.  She asks for them all day!

Speaking of Easter – you can read about our Easter here.

I turned a few 24 month onesies into regular shirts for Peyton.  Peyton is potty trained so I knew the onesies would never be worn but she is in need of spring/summer clothes.  I did end up hemming the bottom of the shirts after I took this picture and she’s worn a couple this week and they are adorable!  I don’t know why I didn’t think about doing this sooner!

I just turned a handful of 24 month onesies into shirts for Peyton! They weren't going to be used since she's potty trained and now I don't have to scour the clearance racks for shirts in her size! I'm still debating if I should hem the bottom of the shir

All of our weekend plans revolve around getting our basement back in shape!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  It’s gonna be May next week!

Until next time — Cindy

*All images are original to A View from the Shore



One thought on “Thoughts on Thursday | 04.27.2017

  1. What a clever idea with the onesies!! I’ll have to remember that if I need that fix one day hehe. Good luck w/ all the basement stuff this weekend :)

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