Thoughts on Thursday | 05.04.2017

It can’t be May 4th and I not share this GIF.  Happy Star Wars day!

I got a new app – Leap Second: 1 Second Video Journal that compiles one 1 second video from every day.  I just made this one for April!

I had a photo session yesterday with the cutest family of 5 that we know from our home groups at church.  I haven’t had a session since November but it was SO nice being behind the camera [for someone else’s family] again!

Forest and his dad did a lot of work in the basement over the weekend – fixing studs, hanging drywall, and cutting tile.  Forest plans on ripping up the old tile and laying the new tile this weekend.  The drains we had installed go around the perimeter of our basement.  We currently have really light gray, square tiles throughout the basement so we picked a medium gray rectangle tile to go around the edge floor to act as an accent border.

The Cancer Services of Grant County is hosting the 2017 Walk of Hope tomorrow!  We can’t be there to participate but there will be a group of people, obviously including my dad, brother, sister-in-law and nephew, walking in memory of my beautiful mom!

I went to mom’s group at church this morning where the speaker talked about our spiritual gifts and how we can use them in our own homes, with our own children.  Our families need to benefit from our spiritual gifts just as much as we need to use them to help other people!  I know that in my current season of life, it may be difficult to commit my time to a ministry but I can minister to my family.  And as the kids get older, I can serve in a ministry.  Our seasons of life will change and how we use our spiritual gifts will change with it!  So refreshing to hear that!

I’m sinking like a rock in the fantasy baseball league I’m in.  Sinking!  I’ve been trying everything but I’m 0-4, the only one that hasn’t won!  I’m up against Forest this week so maybe I can pull out a win.  Maybe I can bribe him with cookies to let me win!

We have just over FOUR weeks until 1. Peyton’s 2nd birthday and 2. we’ll be welcoming baby girl #2 into the world.  It hit me at the beginning of the week that it’s crunch time but I feel like there’s so much to do that’s I’m paralyzed and don’t do anything.  Sigh.  I should start nesting any day now, right?

I’m off to plan a birthday party and organize a nursery!

Until next time — Cindy


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