Thoughts on Thursday | 05.18.2017

I’m currently backing up all of the videos on my iPhone to the computer so I can free up some space.  Instagram stories definitely makes this job A LOT more difficult because I am constantly recording little snippets of our everyday.

We had a play date at a friend’s house Wednesday morning.  It’s the sweetest thing having friends with kids the same age as Peyton and knowing they’ll get to grow up together!

Pregnancy craving: cherries!  I ran out today and I’m in desperate need of more!

The past few days have been 90+ degrees and while I enjoy a good summer day full of sunshine, it’s not so much fun at 36 weeks pregnant.  I only have one pair of shorts (currently being washed… #firstworldproblems) and I’m constantly hot as it is.  Needless to say, we’ve been spending as much time outside by the water table as we can.  Peyton has been watering the plants in the yard and even splashed water on my feet for me.

Mom’s headstone was installed today!  My brother said a friend of ours saw it in the back of a truck yesterday (there aren’t that many headstones with Shodlouski out for delivery!) and he sent a picture of it installed today.  It looks so good!  And my dad sent me a picture of the headstone with ‘Mom’ angel I got for it!

Basement update: it wasn’t finished for Mother’s Day (too much rain ruined Forest’s plan of doing the baseboards over the weekend) but we’re in the homestretch now!  We’re ready to move everything back in place and dust it as we go.  So.Much.Dust.  The laundry/storage side is still a dust-pit and I hate going over there to do laundry even though I cleaned off the washer and dryer.

I have a mental to-do list of things that need done before baby gets here (IN LESS THAN THREE WEEKS) that I should probably write down so I make sure we get it all done.  Nothing that would be detrimental if it doesn’t get done before but for my peace of mind it better get done.  ;)

I’ve been working on Chansler’s 3rd birthday quilt all week.  Quilting is a lot of math and, although professionally I’m an accountant, I don’t like math.  Last night I told Forest “I’ve got it down to a science in here!” as I was cruising through sewing rows and he replied “So you switched to using science instead of math?” Ha!

Until next time — Cindy


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