May & Me | 2017


loving.  Our 2016 family photo book – it just arrived today and it’s beautiful!

needing. A nap.

wanting. To hold our baby girl in my arms!

writing. Checks for bills. Real life.

reading. The book of Job as we’re reading through the Bible in a year but I also just finished Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth that I got for Mother’s Day.

watching. Pitbulls & Parolees on Animal Planet.

listening. Mumbles from the den – Forest is on a call for work.

wishing. Peyton wasn’t turning TWO already.  I love how much she’s growing, she’s learning so much and her personality is out of this world, but it makes me sad looking back at pictures of her being so little.  I guess that’s motherhood.

feeling. Very ready to meet our baby girl!

craving. A double cheeseburger.  ha!

cooking. Nothing!  Thursday is FFY – fend for yourself – which usually means leftovers.

eating. All.the.cherries.

drinking. Water.

smelling. Potato chips, I just had them with my lunch.

working on. Finishing Chansler’s 3rd birthday quilt.

wearing. tshirt and shorts.

A super lazy Saturday for these two while Dada & Mama clean and move everything around in the basement. 05.20.2017 #lazysaturday #PeytonAndIndie #sisters


May was a month full of putting our basement back together.  We had our basement torn apart for drains and a sump pump at the end of April and Forest just finished the last coat of cement covering on the floors this morning.  Yay!!!

The easiest peanut butter cookie recipe.

Maternity pictures for baby #2.



  1. Take it easy and enjoy every moment with our newest baby girl.

Until next time — Cindy


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